Educating Gifted Children: The Many Ways We Approach Their Learning

educating gifted children: the many ways

  Just as gifted children’s abilities and interests vary widely, so do the educational options that work for each child. Read our latest blog hop to discover the approaches that have worked for gifted and 2e families, and those that haven’t. Look to our bloggers’ suggestions for ways to tweak … Continue reading

Teaching Mythology to Kids

GHFO mythology gifted homeschool online

One of the best things about teaching myth to kids is the wonderful way it imparts critical thinking skills. Myth is a very fluid concept, and it heartily resists the kids’ attempts to put what they learn about the stories into little boxes, like “this is a thing that I … Continue reading

Meet GHFO Instructor Christy Knockleby

Though I’ve blogged about Minecraft Math extensively, the idea of doing an online math course about Minecraft was a surprise to me, a suggestion from Susanne Thomas, the organizer of the online courses. Yet as soon as I began to consider the idea, I was delighted by all the possibilities that … Continue reading

Meet GHFO Director Justin Schwamm

  Justin M. Schwamm, Jr., Latin Instructor and Director of Online Classes for GHF, helps Latin learners and teachers make breakthroughs in language proficiency through participation in a “joyful learning community” of other learners and teachers. He received his BA in Classical Languages, summa cum laude, from Carleton College in Northfield, … Continue reading