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What is your favorite thing about GHF? The articles? The support group? The online classes? How about the books? Or the Facebook page? Don’t forget the free brochures. And what about the professionals page? What keeps bringing you back to GHF? Now that you’ve thought of the one, two, or … Continue reading

Surviving & Thriving at the Holidays with a Gifted/2E Kid

  The holiday season can be a stressful time for anyone. When you are parenting gifted and 2e kids through all of the sensory stimulation, changing routines, and lots of people who may not understand your child and their needs, it can be an even bigger challenge. Here are posts … Continue reading

Homeschooling: Where and How to Begin

A Natural Lesson in Homeschooling – RedWhiteandGrew.com As other parents say goodbye to their kids this fall… – Gift of Home Back to School… – Buffalo Mama Homeschooling 101, Part 1 of 3: How to Embrace a Child-Centered Education Approach – STEAM-Powered Classroom Homeschooling 101, Part 2 of 3: How … Continue reading

Homeschooling with/without a Partner

The topic of this Blog Hop – Homeschooling With/Without a Partner Homeschooling with a Partner, Kind Of – Lynn Elizabeth Marlowe Neurons Lost and Found Along the Way – Chasing Hollyfield The Importance of Homeschooling Support – Cedar Life Academy Tag-Team Homeschooling – Building Wingspan Single Parents Who Homeschool – How to … Continue reading

Stealth Schooling

The topic of this Blog Hop – Stealth Schooling! Stealth Schooling: A Tale of Two Teachers – Wenda Sheard Homeschool Tips: Simple Stealth School – How to Work and Homeschool Stealth Schooling – Building Wingspan My Experience with Stealth Schooling – Cedar Life Academy StealthSchooling – A Voracious Mind Stealth Schooling: … Continue reading


The topic of this Blog Hop – Unschooling! I Am Not a Teacher – Chasing Hollyfeld Reflections on Unschooling – Red, White and Grew  I’m Not an Unschooler But…  – Building Wingspan How Unschooling Saved Us (Sort Of) – Thea Sullivan Un/schooling – Buffalo Mama Everyone Deserves a Childhood: Unschooling Gifted Kids – Cedar Life … Continue reading