Getting Started Homeschooling: Legal Issues

Most education matters are regulated at the state, not the national, level. Parents interested in educating their children at home need to check the laws of the state they live in to determine how it can be done. In some states, parents can form their own private school and teach their children in that school. In other states, notices of intent must be filed. Some states require that parents have their children assessed or tested annually, or that parents have their lesson plans approved. Others don’t. People who are already homeschooling in a given state will probably be your best resource for understanding how the laws are actually applied and what is actually required, and most states will have support organizations that can help you figure out your choices and obligations.  Some groups geared specifically toward families homeschooling gifted children in targeted regions can be found here.

A number of different organizations provide overviews of the laws in all of the states. The comprehensive homeschooling website at A to Z Home's Cool: Homeschooling Laws and Legalities has information on each state and various countries around the world.

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