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PamelaPriceBluePamela Price is a journalist, blogger, and author. She began her professional career as an academic and career adviser at The University of Texas Austin, starting an award-winning career development center for visual and performing artists. After a brief stint as a professional fundraiser at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, she left higher education for a journalism career. In 2008, she created a nationally recognized, award-winning lifestyle blog, In 2010, she co-presented a 2010 TEDx talk on food security in San Antonio, her adopted hometown. Pamela came to homeschooling because of her child’s food allergy, yet she and her family are committed to home education because of the many benefits it offers: flexibility of schedules, customized learning opportunities, an emphasis on the home as a “learning laboratory” (rather than simply as a recharge station), and the freedom to travel and follow one’s own curiosity throughout the lifespan.

Pamela serves as a GHF Ambassador. With GHF Press, she has published:
How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents
Gifted, Bullies, Resilient: A Brief Guide for Smart Families

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