Kelly Hirt

GHF Press Author

Kelly Hirt is a public school teacher, homeschooling parent, blogger, and writer of both fiction and nonfiction works. She has taught elementary school for twenty-five years in Washington State. During that time she has had the pleasure to serve as a student teacher mentor, district level trainer, and an active member during leadership teams and curriculum adoption reviews.

Kelly became a reluctant homeschooling parent and activist after the traditional public school system to which she dedicated her professional life failed her twice-exceptional son.

She started her blog, My Twice Baked Potato, to educate parents and connect with other families who found themselves parenting a twice-exceptional child.

Check out Kelly's GHF Press Book, Boost: 12 Effective Ways to Lift Up Our Twice-Exceptional Children.

Kelly lives near Seattle and enjoys writing, watching movies, going for walks with her family, and playing various video games with her tech-savvy son.

Check out Kelly's Amazon Author Central page.

Find Kelly online:
My Twice Baked Potato

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