Katherine Turner

Katherine Turner is a trial-by-fire taught bulwark for her two older gifted/2E sons (the jury’s still out on her younger boy and girl twins, but if the too-familiar behavior notices sent home are any indication, they’re on their way!). Between her eldest navigating a self-contained GATE program at a public school, and his one-year-junior brother flourishing in his new homeschooling environment, she has a vantage point that allows for assessing, in real time, where each route has its strengths and weaknesses.

She’s from Los Angeles, where she terrorized many a teacher herself, and studied English at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. She returned to LA briefly to write for a super-glamorous public relations firm, and, within a year, ran screaming back to Northern California, where she married the redheaded frat boy who helped her move out of her parents’ house. Soon, she was a staff writer for such organizations as KVIE Channel 6 (PBS), CSU Sacramento Department of Community Affairs, and Prima Publishing.

For the past decade, she has been a freelance writer and copy editor with a focus on non-profit educational endeavors and parenting publications. This is her third year as a PTO officer, and her fifth as her son’s soccer team’s manager, which means if she can’t draft you an effective plea for contributions, she can rake in your funding through candy bars and spirit wear. She lives in the Sacramento area with the aforementioned coppertop and four kids, and their sedentary Havanese, Archie.


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