Marlow Schmauder


jms08-11Marlow Schmauder has authored or collaborated on all of GHF's informational and outreach brochures.  Marlow is a moderator of BAGHS and and list co-manager for PG Retreat. She additionally consults for and advises a variety of startups in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, including Outschool and the Museum of Science Fiction, and is the founder and executive director of the Asynchronous Scholars’ Fund. Her 20-year career spans the nonprofit, private, and US government sectors, with a specialization in strategic management and fundraising, strategic change including rapid scale-ups and new program design, and building and navigating inter-sectoral relationships among diverse groups and organizations at all levels of domestic and international society.

Marlow and the Asynchronous Scholars' Fund can be found here:

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