Gwyn Ridenhour


GHF Ambassador Gwyn Ridenhour is a children’s librarian, home educator, and founder and author of the STEAM-Powered Classroom, where she shares creative, student-centered education ideas along with a weekly resource review vlog. She has two profoundly gifted kids, who have been in and out of public school, radically accelerated, and actively supported as they pursue their careers in music and writing, respectively.

Gwyn has worked for many years to support students both in and out of the classroom. A former fundraiser and grant-writer, she founded and ran the Arlis Saxon Eco-Kids Project for four years, teaching elementary students how to identify and address environmental facility needs by designing fundable projects. In 2012, she worked as a consultant for the Bismarck Public School District, facilitating a series of education reform visioning sessions with students, teachers, and principals. Also in 2012, she served as the North Dakota delegate to Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress on Education in Washington, D.C.  Gwyn has offered many programs and workshops to children and teachers through her work at the public library, including creative resource workshops for educators, mock debates, chess clubs, and writing clubs. She has also taught a Doctor Who-themed course through GHF Online, entitled the “Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Project-Based Learning Course.”

Gwyn gets most excited about watching kids realize their amazing potential. At STEAM-Powered Classroom, she honors the parts of education that work, tinkers with them, and makes them more funky, relevant, and beautiful.

You can find Gwyn and the STEAM-Powered Classroom on her websiteFacebookTwitterPinterest, and YouTube.

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