Eleen Kamas, Ph.D

Recording Secretary

eleen2Eleen Kamas  earned a doctorate in Cognitive Psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University, where she studied learning and memory. She has been applying this knowledge and approach to learning ever since, including co-authoring a book chapter on the role of familiarity in cognitive processing and a paper on response bias.  After teaching at the college level, her focus shifted to the education of her own children. Her interest in lifelong learning continues as she learns (or re-learns) along with her six children, who range in age from toddler to teen. She has been a part of GHF since its beginning, as a supporter, as staff, and, most recently, as a Board Member.  She is also a member of a local Catholic homeschooling group, Regina Pacis, for which she serves as "Keeper of the List" (phone and email) and occasional Choir Director.  In her copious spare time between shuttling children to their various classes and activities, she is an amateur radio operator (KF6SPE), she reads voraciously, crafts and scrapbooks, and has started taking dance classes.  She sees herself as more of a catalyst, bringing together people and working behind the scenes to make things happen.

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