Anne Beneventi

Board Member

Anne Beneventi Anne Beneventi has been passionate about working with gifted children throughout her career. She taught for over 20 years, during which time she co-founded Kaumeya International School in Alexandria, Egypt, and Roeper West School for the Gifted in Berkeley, California. In 1989, she began working with Annemarie Roeper, evaluating children for giftedness using the Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment (QA). In 2010, she was officially named Annemarie Roeper’s successor and the Director of the Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment and QA training program. Anne also co-founded Helios School for the Gifted and evaluates candidates for admissions using QA. She is past Chair for the Global Awareness Network of the National Association for Gifted Children, an Associate of the Gifted Development Center, and a member of the Columbus Group. Anne is certified as a Parent Group Facilitator for SENG and was awarded SENG's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. In 2002, Anne founded Children Evolving, a private consultation service where she continues to support families, teachers, and professionals of gifted children.

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