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Regional ContactsYou’ve heard of GHF’s Regional Contacts program, but do you know how our Regionals advocate in their local communities?





Contacts: Audrey Borden, Cindy Laxton, and Jennifer Smith
Audrey Borden is on the board of the Florida Gifted Network and very active in state education issues, and frequently refers people to the GHF website.

Cindy Laxton and Jennifer Smith recently started their own local Facebook group and just had their first meet-up. Still getting their feet wet, they are posting all the fabulous benefits and resources of GHF to their local group, with the goal of becoming a more active group in the coming year.

Contact: Ann Dorminy
Ann Dorminy has run a math club for 14 years, with around 25 middle and high school students each year. The current math club has wrapped up meetings for the year, and are focusing on their two remaining tournaments. Amy also runs an engineering club with 11 kids. A few weeks ago, their MIT-bound senior won their big meet, and all three of their science fair winners are headed to State at the end of the month. For History Day, her own children had one exhibit, one performance, and one documentary (her family did not own a video camera when they decided on this project, and they still don’t own a television). The documentary won an honorable mention, and the other two projects won and will head to State a month after the science fair.

New Hampshire
Contact: Caitlin Curley
Realizing a strong need in her community, Caitlin Curley started a local homeschooling group. Her blog, My Little Poppies, was recently featured in the Union Leader and she has made some wonderful connections as a result. She is also working on a virtual book club, as well as serving as a contributor to Year Round Homeschooling.

New York (Northern)
Contact: Rebecca Pickens
Rebecca Pickens recently joined as a GHF advocate and looks forward to connecting families with important resources and support. She is in the midst of starting a local Facebook group for gifted families in New York and intends to begin distributing GHF literature to local libraries and pediatricians offices throughout her rural community. Rebecca fills her days homeschooling her three young sons. She co-founded Common Ground Homeschooling co-op, blogs at Steam Powered Classroom, is a columnist at home/school/life magazine, and is a freelance writer for various home education publications.

South Carolina
Contact: Carissa Leventis Cox
Carissa Leventis Cox is Regionals and Ambassador Program Coordinator at GHF. She is an occasional contributor to GHF’s monthly blog hops  through her blog, The Cardinal House. Locally, she keeps busy with her homeschool co-op dedicated to gifted/2e kids, School of the Minds. Though the co-op has offered engineering, art, science, theatre, debate, Mandarin, and stock-market classes, Carissa discovered that the children are more excited about child-led projects through their DIY club, monthly Project Fairs, and different field trips throughout the year. This summer, School of the Minds will start their own TED-Ed Club for elementary, middle, and high school students, which will allow more children in the community to create TED-style talks on the topic of their choice. Best of all, she finds her weekly playdates serve their little community of 12 families very well: both the kids and their parents look forward to laughing and hanging out together.

Contact: Kathleen Humble
Kathleen Humble is a homeschooling mum to two wonderful 2e kids, and amongst all the chaos, she is also the homeschooling contact in Australia. She has written a number of documents to help new homeschoolers of gifted / 2e kids find resources in Victoria, Qld and the ACT (more states coming soon). A big thanks to GHF for some great links. She also organises activities and meetups for a group of gifted / 2e homeschoolers in Melbourne, and they have a facebook group for non face-to-face conversations: Gifted Home Educators Victoria. Kathleen also writes about homeschooling and gifted issues at her blog, Gluten-Free Mum, and is always ready to chat with people about homeschooling.

Manila, Philippines
Contact: Teresa Gumap-As Dumadag
Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag has been building relationships with fellow parents of gifted kids. She is mentoring one gifted child who wants to publish his book through Amazon, as well as mentoring her eldest son to help him fulfill his dream of becoming an author and illustrator someday. Recently, she joined a group of parents who homeschool their kids with special needs. She has been sharing GHF blog posts and articles with this new group, as well as with other homeschool groups. Teresa has been approached by a homeschool conference event organizer interested in including the topic of homeschooling kids with special needs, like gifted or 2e kids, in this year’s conference. Teresa plans to launch her two books, Hands-On Parent while Earning (H.O.P.E.) and From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM and then Business Mom, by the end of the year through a new blog and through a live event entitled iHOPE Summit.

Munich, Germany
Contact: Roya Klingner
Although homeschooling remains illegal in Germany, Roya Klingner attends regular events for parents, teachers, and gifted kids. In addition, she has been busy working on her book with Prof. Karen Rogers, Prof. Steven Pfeiffer, Prof. Roland Persson, Dr. Monita Leavitt, and Emilee Valler, which will be the second book of the Make Them Shine. Giftedness Viewed Differently series. In addition, she travels around the globe organizing projects or events in gifted education for The Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children.

Ontario, Canada
Contact: Lisa Bildy
Lisa Bildy is always on the lookout for families with gifted kids and has provided mentorship to many of them over the years. Whether families are looking for advice on homeschooling or gifted/2e resources specifically, she loves nothing better than helping families understand their children better. Alerting families to GHF is always part of her advice! In her attempt to pull gifted families together (especially with kids around the same age as her own young teens), she has run clubs and learning opportunities from her home, along with coaching a Destination Imagination team to the Global Finals two years in a row.

United Kingdom
Contact: Lucinda Leo

You can find our regional contacts under the Parent tab. Click Local Support to find Regional Mailing Lists and Social Media Groups and GHF Regional Volunteers.

If you have any questions about our regional contacts, or if you would like to volunteer, please contact our Regional Contact Coordinator, Carissa Leventis-Cox.

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