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Homeschoolers are really fortunate. You send your kid to a traditional school and you’re going to get stand-alone science classes with little context for how they might be important - especially for non-science-y students. The curriculum and the outlines are set. In most classrooms, you just can’t mix science with the humanities. Homeschoolers, on the other hand, can learn about science through history and history through science in a way that has meaning to the individual student and plenty of societal context.

Environmental history combines science and history by looking at human interactions with the natural environment over time.


Environmental Science in U.S. History

Aimed at both history buffs and future scientists, this class will look at how one subject impacts the other. Follow human-environment interactions and their social context in the United States from colonial reliance on the land in the early 1600s to today’s environmental movement. We will see how the environment has affected our developmentand, conversely, how our development has affected the environmentusing a variety of perspectives, including characters from popular kids’ fiction.Environment 2

This course will be an integrative, multi-media approach to a fascinating topic. Short weekly readings and video clips will provide context for the week's discussion, and an end-of-term project will have students probe an aspect of the course that interests them. The instructor, Madeline Goodwin, is a graduate student in environmental studies with a passion for science and the environment. She is also a long-time GHF volunteer who has spent several years tutoring twice-exceptional students. Madeline is excited to create a positive learning space in which to share her enthusiasm.

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