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GHF-Online-meme-logo2-150x150by Susanne Thomas
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Learning Latin with the Latin Tres Columnae Project
Latin is easily one of the gold star/go to specials that homeschoolers get to hit. We also get to it earlier than the few high-schoolers that go for the harder language in public school. You will find many curricula to help you learn Latin, or at least your students (sadly nothing has yet helped me learn a language), but the thing that is missing, especially for Latin, is the ability to speak and hear it. I personally have found few enthusiastic Latin teachers.  I love an enthusiastic teacher.

LatinThe Latin teacher we have for GHFO, Justin Schwamm, is exactly that: knowledgeable, capable, proactive, and enthusiastic.  I love that his students email him special things they find on the internet. I love seeing the weekly emails to recap his classes, because his enthusiasm infects all of his students.

For the spring 2015 semester, GHFO is offering three classes from Justin, based on his Latin Tres Columnae Project.

Imagine the "typical" foreign language textbook, the one you probably used in high school or college. It's big and colorful, but it probably felt "flat and dead" to you. So much information, but it was all static and pre-processed, with nothing left for you to discover and no room for you to create or add anything. The Tres Columnae Project is the exact opposite of that! It's a living, constantly growing set of Latin stories, illustrations, audio, video, explanations, and many other things created by and for members of "a joyful learning community that builds meaningful things together." ~Justin Schwamm

The first two classes are Introductory Latin for new students and Intermediate Latin for returning students (or those who've already completed a first year). GHFO and Justin Schwann are also offering From Parts to Whole. To figure out which class best fits your needs, try this:

~If you've never learned any Latin before, you're a beginner.statue
~If you can understand main ideas and details in a Latin passage like this one, you are probably ready for Intermediate Latin.
~What if you are somewhere in the middle? Maybe you know lots of endings and vocabulary, but can't quite put it all together to make sense of a reading passage? Then the From Parts to Whole" class would probably be the best fit. It is designed to take your knowledge of the parts of Latin (those endings and vocabulary lists) and help you put them together to understand the whole.

Click on the following links to sign up for the appropriate class:
Introductory Latin
Intermediate Latin
From Parts to Whole

To see GHFO's other class offerings, click here.

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