Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget

Micro-schools offer personalized learning in a school setting.

by Jade Rivera

Gifted and twice-exceptional students often struggle to fit in traditional classrooms, and homeschooling isn’t always an option. Enter micro-schools, an educational option bridging the gap. Micro-schools offer personalized learning in a school setting, led by instructors who understand the nuances and needs of gifted and 2e kids.

Starting your own micro-school may seem daunting, but a successful micro-school doesn’t require a huge budget or the latest everything. Instead, it requires a passionate individual at the helm. One like Jade Rivera, author of Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget. In her latest book, Jade shares her successes and challenges working in and starting micro-schools. She discusses how to organize your school, hire the best instructors, work with parents, create an open and accepting environment, and so much more. After reading Jade’s book, you’ll be inspired to get your own micro-school up and running, ready to serve the gifted and 2e students in your community.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: How I Got Here
  • Chapter Two: Why Micro-Schools for Gifted/2e Children
  • Chapter Three: Challenges, Philosophies, and Missions
  • Chapter Four: Recruiting Families
  • Chapter Five: Choosing a Lead Educator
  • Chapter Six: Logistics, Environment, and Schedules
  • Chapter Seven: Parents and Fostering Community
  • Appendix A: Sample Contract #1
  • Appendix B: Sample Contract #2
  • Resources
  • Endnotes
  • About the Author


Celi Trepanier, Crushing Tall Poppies
"Jade shares her knowledge and hard-earned experience with the organization, day-to-day operations and legalities of running your own micro-school." Read more.

Linda C. Neumann, 2e Newsletter
"Readers of this book will come away with an understanding of the role that micro-schools can play in meeting the needs of students viewed as 'outliers' in many more traditional schools." Read more (download PDF).

Pamela Price, Red, White & Grew
"[W]hether you’re serious or just curious about micro-schooling, I personally cannot think of a better resource than Jade Rivera." Read more.

Paula Prober, Rainforest Mind
"Jade provides a thorough, realistic, well-organized manual for anyone wanting to start a micro-school for gifted and twice-exceptional children." Read more.

My Little Poppies
"Jade gets gifted and I wish every gifted kid out there had a Jade. . . . Creating your own micro-school may seem daunting, but Jade outlines the steps you will need to take in order to create a school that works for your unique gifted community and its families." Read more.

Bob Yamtich, Connecting with the Neurodiverse
"While clearly useful for families contemplating starting their own micro-school, educators in a variety of other settings can learn from how Jade suggests a tailored approach to the needs of the individuals while sorting out how to be a functional community." Read more.

Nikki Linn, Through a Stonger Lens
"Jade’s book has me seriously thinking of offering my own alternative program." Read more.

The Cardinal House
"Are you a parent interested in alternative ways to educate your gifted children? Are you a homeschool parent to a gifted kid? Read this book! You will not only learn about the academic environment best for gifted kids, but also how to be emotionally connected with them. You will not only learn how to create a micro-school, but also how to make one that functions well." Read more.

Lisa Conrad, Gifted Parenting Support
"For families with gifted and twice-exceptional children who are disillusioned with traditional public schools or for whom private schools are financially out of reach, this book is a real asset." Read more.

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