Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling

forging_pathsby Wes Beach,
author of Self-Directed Learning: Documentation and Life Stories

Traditional schooling may not provide your son or daughter with a satisfactory or fulfilling education. In Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling, you’ll read the stories of nine young people who took varying, nontraditional educational paths and succeeded in their chosen endeavors and vocations. Wes Beach, director of an unusual private high school, speaker, and author, prompts you to reconsider the idea that any highly successful career path must involve piling up gold stars in high school to gain immediate admission to a prestigious university in order to earn a degree which can cost more than most people earn in a year. Discover how passion, persistence, creativity and perseverance can lead to a life of satisfaction and even some traditional achievements!

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: From No High School to Graduate School
    • Using the Law to Your Advantage
    • Academic Acceleration
    • Accessing Community College
    • Make It Happen
  • Chapter 2: A Short Stay in Public High School Leads to Graduate School, Eventually
    • Matthew’s Journey Begins
    • Bends in the Path
    • The Grand GITMOR
    • Chapter 3: Autodidact Finds a Way to Soar
    • Jerimi Walker’s Story
    • Unfounded Concerns
  • Chapter 4: “Real World” Success Without College
    • Unschooler after High-Schooler
    • Ciera Kash’s Story
    • Passion and Persistence
    • Chapter 5: Straight from Homeschool to University
    • Tony Pratkanis’s Parents Decide to Homeschool
    • The High School Transcript
  • Chapter 6: Stopping Out after University
    • Developing Laura’s Transcript
    • 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship
  • Chapter 7: An Indirect Path to Medical School
    • Forming a Plan
    • Determination, Will, and Perseverance
  • Chapter 8: Other Less-Traveled Roads
    • The Irish Musician
    • The Novelist
    • Personal Reflections
  • Chapter 9: Writing Transcripts
    • Heading
    • Course List
    • Credits and GPA
    • Narratives
    • Course Descriptions
    • Reading Lists
    • Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation
    • Other Documentation
    • Length
  • Chapter 10: Taking Control
    • Who has the Power?
    • Grabbing the Reins
  • Appendix A: Photos
  • Appendix B: Resources
  • Endnotes
  • About the Author


Peter Gray, Freedom to Learn blog at Psychology Today
“Wes Beach is an expert at helping young people turn their passions into career routes and at helping them get into higher educational programs, when desired, without the tedium of traditional high school.” Read more

Davidson Institute for Talent Development,
“[A]n inspiring read for any student who does not fit into the traditional school model. This book is a reminder that there is more than one way for a student to learn and be successful; one just has to know where to find the resources needed, and know how and when to approach the right individual.” Read more.

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