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My son is a mythology fanatic, and when he wanted to take a mythology course, I was worried that it would be too basic to hold his interest. I was so wrong, and he enjoyed every minute, primarily because his instructor, Allison Stieger, was able to go all sorts of directions with the material. He particularly enjoyed her World Mythology class, as it covered many mythologies that he had not been exposed to previously. He looked forward to her classes every week! It's an even greater testament to her course that my son ended up with a schedule conflict during the second half of the semester but continued to seek out and proactively do his homework every week, even when he knew he wouldn't be able to participate in the live class." Ashley Joseph, parent

"I loved [Ms. Steiger's] class! She is definitely knowledgeable about mythology, even for mythology lovers. I especially loved her world mythology course. Looking at similarities and differences of mythologies across cultures was awesome." ~ Will, 12

I'm thrilled! I'm beyond excited that he's learning, still glad to be in class, and that he's not taking away from the class for others. We've waited a long time to find something class-wise he could engage in and NOT ruin the experience for the other kids. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness - it's not easy for [my son] to keep focus when he feels he's dumb (how not knowing something is an opportunity to learn it, and not symptomatic of stupidity), and you handled it with grace. THANK YOU!!! ~ Care M. to Instructor Madeline Goodwin, Intro to Planet Earth

The student I referred to you last semester loves his class!!! It is getting RAVE reviews! What a wonderful opportunity for this kid! - Kathi Kearney, Founder, Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children

The class was worth twice what we paid, but thanks for keeping the price very reasonable. - Rachel Morris, parent

My twins were both nervous and excited about taking Minecraft Math, this was their first online class that included a weekly live session. All I can say is, “wow!” They have learned so much in this course. I am thrilled they are getting to use real math skills in a way that is both fun and exciting for them. They couldn’t be happier with the course. The course is fun, but also challenging. They are not only getting a chance to reinforce math skills they are learning in their regular curriculum, they are also getting an opportunity to work cooperatively with other students and learn so many new and exciting functions in Minecraft itself. They can’t wait for next semester. Thank you for putting on such an amazing course! ~ Doresa

I started taking Ms. Stieger’s myth classes in the Spring of 2013 (Beyond Percy Jackson), and I loved it. I live in China, so the class was middle of the night for me, and my mom wouldn’t let me wake up for it. About 4 weeks into the class, we took a trip to france, and I did it live, because it was around dinnertime. I loved it so much, that when we came home, I pleaded with my mom to let me do it live, because I love the material, and I’ve made some really great friends. After Beyond Percy Jackson, I took 2 semesters of comparative mythology. ~ Caroline, age 13

My son just wrote something - voluntarily! I love these classes! - An anonymous parent

This civics class was the most fun I’ve had in a learning environment in my entire life. Being able to voice my opinions with open-minded students and a fair-minded teacher is something I’d never experienced before. The class gave me a new, broader perspective on American and global politics. Breaking governments and economic systems down into their components gave me an understanding of how societies function.

Ms. O’Melia is engaging, clever, kind, and an all-around excellent professor. She creates a discussion environment that is open, exploratory and safe for all participants. The material she provided was challenging enough to make me think, but not so much so that I slaved away hours into the night working on an assignment.

Christy is an exceptional teacher of math and Minecraft both. On top of that she is remarkably calm despite the inherent confusion of simultaneously using Minecraft and webinar technology, maintaining a kind, patient and generous focus throughout and between classes. ~ CBColeman

In this class I gained knowledge that will probably stay with me for many years to come. Ms. O’Melia gave her students all the information and reinforcement they needed to participate in political, economical, and historical discussions. - Luke Myers, age 12

My son is very excited about the fall class... I could not tell if he was more excited about writing minecraft things or that "Ms.Knockleby gets to be my teacher again!"  He has really enjoyed the class this year. - Christie H. & Sam, age 8

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for being such an awesome teacher [Jade Rivera]. I loved eavesdropping on the class when I could. The way you laugh with the kids and seem to get enjoyment from them is so heartwarming. I hope you realize how special that makes you. I was talking about that to my mom tonight. I was saying on too many occasions Will has been in situations where people who were supposed to teach him were just annoyed by him, which just breaks my heart and certainly does not foster learning, and it is so obvious that you [Jade Rivera genuinely like these children and with your guidance they thrive. What an amazing gift you give these quirky kids. If only we could just clone you to teach all the gifted children of the world. 😁   ~ Denise Holcomb

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