Think Like a Scientist

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blogsInstructor: Madeline Goodwin

Ages:  9-13 year old

Tuesday and Thursday, 2 - 3:30 pm Pacific (C1)


Science is a bunch of really cool discoveries… right? But how were those discoveries made? What do scientists do, and how do they do it? And after they do their work,  how is that information communicated to us? We’ll learn about the scientific method, utilize the process of inquiry, explore real-life scientific fields, practice science communication, and discover how we interact with science in our daily lives. Students will form hypotheses, perform experiments, write about their findings, and present them to the class. In the process, we’ll learn to think like scientists in our everyday lives while building confidence in communication!

Prerequisites: None



think like a scientist

Class 1 - Introductions and course exploration
Class 2 - The scientific method and process of inquiry
     Assignment #1 (due class 3): Choose a scientific theory and follow it from hypothesis to publication of results

Class 3 - Forming a hypothesis
Class 4 - Fields of science
Assignment #2 (due class 5): Form a hypothesis about a phenomenon you have observed. Suggest some ways you could test that hypothesis.

Class 5 - Designing and performing experiments
Class 6 - Gathering and communicating results
     Assignment #3 (due class 7): Design and perform an experiment to test your hypothesis from Assignment #2

Class 7 - Talking about science
Class 8 - Interacting with science
     Assignment #4 (due class 9): Write 3-5 paragraphs describing your hypothesis, experiment, and results; how you came to that hypothesis; and whether your results support or disprove your hypothesis

Class 9 - Controversies in science
Class 10 - Final thoughts
     Assignment #5 (due class 11): Turn your paragraphs into a 10-15 minute presentation to give to your classmates during the last week of class

Classes 11 & 12 - Student presentations & course review

Fall registration is open and you can register for Fall 2017 here. 

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