Introduction to Botany

Fall registration is open and you can register for Fall 2017 here. 

Instructor: Anastasia Risley

Ages:  7 - 13 years

Monday and Wednesday, 10-11 am Pacific (C2)


Introduction to Botany is a course for students aged 7-13 who are newly interested in the world of plants.  The aim of the class is to equip students with a basicplants knowledge of plant processes, relationships, and biology. We will take a hands-on approach to discovering what plants are all about through interaction with plants in our local environments. Additionally, we will be doing online research together regularly in order to build plant investigation skills.

Outside of class time, projects will go both ways-- I will send students plant observation “video field-trips,” and students will create a model representing various plant structures and processes. Class discussions will take place twice a week, allowing kids to make logical, scientific observations and connections about plants and their functions.

This course is a precursor to Fundamentals of Plant Science, which goes into greater details of plant evolution, morphology, identification, and human-vegetation relationships.

Prerequisites: None




Week 1: Vital Plant Processes
Class 1.1: Introductions, Photosynthesis and Respiration
Class 1.2: Plant Types, Vascular Tissue

Image result for plant propagationWeek 2: Seed and Propagation
Class 2.1: Spores and “cloning”
Class 2.2: Pollination and seeds

Image result for paleobotanyWeek 3: How We Know What We Know
Class 3.1: Paleobotany
Class 3.2: Microbiology

Week 4: HabitatImage result for plant habitats
Class 4.1:  Ranges of plants and adaptations
Class 4.2:  Plant adaptation gameshow

Related imageWeek 5: Good Plants to Know
Class 5.1: Common edibles, ornamentals, and invasives
Class 5.2:  Stay back! --poisonous and dangerous plants to know

Related imageWeek 6: Sharing Knowledge
Class 6.1: Human-plant relationships, historically and now.  “Pick a Plant” presentations (optional but encouraged)
Class 6.2: Presentations and final discussion

Fall registration is open and you can register for Fall 2017 here. 

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