Historical Geology

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Fall classes run August 27 to December 14 

Instructor: Anastasia Risley
5-10 students
Suggested Age Ranges: 11-14
Meets: Thursdays at 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Pacific time



Historical  Geology is for anyone who is interested in learning about how the surface of the Earth formed, and what that means for land both above and below the sea today.  In this course, we will learn about the methods geologists use to study layers of rock, and the main theories that drive conclusions geologists have made. The aim of Historical Geology is to equip students with the ability to study rock stratum in person and on diagram and “read” the geologic history of an area.  Students will also have a general understanding of how the surface of the Earth formed up until this point. We will accomplish this by studying real-life examples of rock strata via video, as well as iconic rock strata, like that of The Grand Canyon, through academic resources. Then we'll “time travel” through pronounced segments of geologic history, examining how layers formed in real-time, and how they relate to the evolution of life on Earth.  Remaining true to geology’s most famous topic, we will also be discussing theories of the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs!

Class time will consist of discussion with the visual aid of photographs and diagrams, and students will have the opportunity to actively try to decipher the meaning of rock layers with the use of E-Lecta classroom tools.  Outside of class, assignments will focus on YOUR local geology, eventually leading to your ability to describe how the land you live on got to be the way it is!

Prerequisites: None

SYLLABUShistorical geography

Week 1: Introduction to class, students, and instructor
Week 2: Plate Tectonics, Volcanic Activity, and Orogenesis
Week 3: Geology, Lithography: Reading the layers of rocks
Week 4: Reading the layers of rocks
Week 5: Precambrian/Cryptozoic/"obscure life" Eon: Hadean and Archean eras
Week 6: Precambrian/Cryptozoic or "obscure life" Eon Continued: Proterozoic era
Week 7: Early Paleozoic Erahistorical geology
Week 8: Middle Paleozoic Era
Week 9: Late Paleozoic Era
Week 11: Mesozoic: Triassic Period
Week 12: Mesozoic: Jurassic
Week 13: Cretaceous period: rise and the fall of Dinosaurs
Week 14: Cenozoic Era:Tertiary period
Week 15: Cenozoic Era: Quaternary period
Week 16: End of Class Business

Semester-long classes are $245 each. Members pay $230!
We accept charter school funds

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