Fundamentals of Plant Science 

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Instructor: Anastasia Risley

Ages:  10+ years 

Mondays, 10-11 am Pacific (C2)


Fundamentals of Plant Science is for any student who wants to know the core characteristics that make up plant biology, the principles of botany, the many ways that plants make up the natural world, and the integrative role of plants in human life. We will explore the ways that plants grow and proliferate as well as key factors that make up the complex relationship between humankind and plants. We will also learn about the vital role that vegetation plays in ecosystems of the world and our local regions.




Week 1: Introduction to class, students, and instructorGHFO plant science

Week 2: Plant cells; photosynthesis, respiration, homeostasis

Week 3: Evolution and taxonomy

Week 4: Bryophyta, Sphenophyta, etc.

Week 5: Gymnosperms

Week 6: Angiospermsplant science

Week 7: Morphology exploration

Week 8: The beautiful, the rare, and the downright strange

Week 9: Biomes and their vegetation; specialization

Week 10: Spring break

Week 11: Plants and human history; Domestication and cultivation

Week 12: Modern plant uses (food, medicine, etc)

Week 13: That comes from a plant?!

Project assignmentImage result for morphology

Week 14: Share and inquire

Week 15: Invasive management

Week 16: Native plant restoration

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