FUNdamental Physics

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Spring classes start the week of January 28 and end the week of May 10.

marynna kerceScience Instructor: Marynna Lindsey Kerce
5-10 students
Suggested Age Ranges: 7-10, 9-12
Classes begin the week of June 18



Did you know that the universe (probably) has eleven dimensions? Was there a beginning to the universe? If energy cannot be created or destroyed, then where does your body’s energy come from?

Why do we think it's hard to learn math and science? What do we think we know that isn’t true? How can we find out where we’re mistaken, and learn what’s really true?

Did you know a discus does not take a circular path? What sort of path does it take, and why?

In this class, students will have fun learning to observe natural processes, to think like scientists, and to develop problem-solving skills to use in future math and physics courses.

Prerequisites: None.


Week 1: Principles of Science and Math
Class 1: Natural limits
Class 2: A model for inquiry

Week 2: From Hammurabi to Galileo
Class 3: Hammurabi’s Math
Class 4: Galileo’s Universe

Week 3: From Hypatia’s Alexandria to Newton’s Cambridge
Class 5: Hypatia’s Engineering
Class 6: Newton’s Laws

Week 4: Applying Math to Motion
Class 7: One, Two, Three
Class 8: Energy and Motion

Week 5: From Newton to Randall
Class 9: From the Big Bang to the Modern Era
Class 10: From the Tiny to the Vast

Week 6: Looking to the Future
Class 11: Sources of Energy
Class 12: STEM Careers – Physics, Engineering, and More


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