Dynamic Ecosystems: A World of Change

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Summer classes start the week of June 18 and end the week of July 23

Madeline GoodwinInstructor: Madeline Goodwin

5-10 students, 9-12 years old 

Tuesdays, 3 - 4 pm Pacific (C2)


Our world is constantly changing. From the Arctic tundra to the African rainforests, each biome of our planet supports unique ecological communities. Climate change imperils many of these ecosystems, but there are still many wonders to explore. Diverse topography, oceanic and atmospheric currents, and soils support millions of different plants, animals, fungi, and other species. In this class, we will learn about these systems work together, how they are endangered by climate change and human development, mechanisms for their survival - and how we can help them.

Pre­requisites: A basic understanding of adaptation and evolution by natural selection; working knowledge of earth systems and plant and animal physiology; Intro to Planet Earth and Meet the Biosphere recommended.



Week 1: IntroductionConiferForest

Week 2: The Arctic circle

Week 3: Taiga

Week 4: Chaparral

Week 5: Temperate forests

Week 6: Temperate grasslandsSaharaDesert

Week 7: Tropical grasslands

Week 8: Deserts

Week 9: Tropical seasonal forests

Week 10: Tropical rainforestsAustraliaRainForest

Week 11: Mountains

Week 12: BREAK

Week 13: Catchup/student Q&A

Week 14: Freshwater ecosystemsEcosystemComponents

Week 15: Saltwater ecosystems

Week 16: Student presentations

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