The Art of Fanfiction

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Spring classes start the week of January 28 and end the week of May 13.

johnLanguage Arts Instructor: John McDonald
Recommended ages 11-14Image result for fantasy snow globe
Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am
Classes begin the week of June 18


You love certain tv shows, movies, graphic novels, broadway plays, etc. You know these characters and where they live inside and out, but there are a lot of scenarios and episodes missing! And you have a couple of ideas you’d like to pursue to fill in those gaps, don’t you? Maybe you even think you’d be a really cool character in their world, right? Who wouldn’t want a Patronus and an owl to keep them company in the good times and the bad?

This class will take you through a step by step approach to help you get to that first word of that first (or latest) fanfiction. We’ll work together through planning a world, outlining a story, fighting dreaded writers block, and even discuss how to keep those borrowed characters who they are when presented with unknown drama in an unknown time and space.

In the context of what content will be created or discussed in class, this class is as much about research and the development of an organized writer as it is about the creative writing itself. The content of the class (and the research assignments) will be kept PG-13 and below with no focus on real life violence, sex, self harm or drug use (anything that might require the use of a content warning).

fan fiction

Prerequisites: None

Week 1
Class 1: Introductions; preparing to write
Class 2: Inspirations & a brief history of fanfiction (and where to find it)
Week 2
Class 3: A Time And Place For Everything - genre, theme, and mood
Class 4: Your Planet As A Snowglobefan fictionfan fictionfan fiction
Week 3
Class 5: Rhythm, beats, and moving the story along
Class 6: The Structure of a Story
Week 4
Class 7: Characters in culture, archetypes, traits & values, and character trajectory
Class 8: Six Core Pillars of Your Main Character
Week 5
Class 9: Being In Control of Your Story; The Pitch and the Logline
Class 10: Narrative continuity, slice-of-life vs multi-chapter fiction, secondary characters
Week 6
Class 11: Beta editors and the comments section
Class 12: Final Presentations
fan fiction
fan fiction





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