Photographing Nature

GHFO Anastasia RisleyInstructor: Anastasia Risleynature
5-10 students, all ages
Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30am Pacific Time Convert to other time zones here
Classes begin the week of June 18


CLASS DESCRIPTION:  Photographing Nature is a course for students of any age that are interested in photography and the outdoors. In this course, we will take and share photos of various subjects, from pets to flowers to landscapes. First, students will become acquainted with the possibilities of their own individual cameras, whether they be Digital SLRs or on a cell phone. We will also study important photography concepts such as composition, lighting,exposure, and content by examining beautiful photographs that coincide with each week’s subject. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to give and receive positive feedback from classmates on “Gallery days.” Finally, students will compile a portfolio of their favorite photographs taken over the course, where they will be able to share and admire their work with family and friends. You don’t need to live in the forest or even near a park to take this course; part of the creative journey will be finding artistic inspiration in your own surroundings.

Prerequisites: None


Week 1
Class 1: Introductions - Review the syllabus, class protocol, and future assignmentsnature nature
Class 2: Technology - Talk about camera types and individual photography styles; discover your photo programs on your computer or device; File transfer lesson
Week 2
Class 3: Content - Learn about content and composition; Explore famous nature shots
Class 4: Photo set 1 - Taking landscape photos
Week 3 nature nature
Class 5: Photo set 2 - Macro photos: plants, ants, and other little things
Class 6: Gallery day 1 - Optional presentations of your work
Week 4
Class 7: Photo set 3 - Arrangement photos
Class 8: Photo set 4 - Black and White photo challenge
Week 5
Class 9: Photo set 5 - Moving life photo challenge: dogs, cats, water, and other in-action subjects nature nature
Class 10: Photo set 6 - Nature portraits
Week 6
Class 11: Compiling your work - Creating your portfolio; bonus shots: Night time
Class 12: Gallery day 2 - Optional Presentations

nature naturenature

nature nature

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