Building Blocks of Art

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Summer classes start the week of June 18 and end the week of July 23

lisa babaInstructor: Lisa Baba

Ages:  7 - 13 years

Wednesday & Friday at 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Pacific


CLASS DESCRIPTION:art watercolor ghf

Summer is a wonderful time for brushing up on art techniques.  The scenes of the season--beaches, wildflowers, wildlife, mountains, rivers, campgrounds, friends, relatives--give the artist inspiration.  The slower pace of summer allows time and space for playing with your favorite art media:  pencil, marker, watercolor, acrylic, digital, and any other medium you love.

Whether you’re exploring art for the first time or wish to hone your skills, this class will give you ample opportunity to learn how to compose a picture using lines and letters; sketching and shading; color, contrast, and composition; and more!

Wondering how we teach art in an online class? See some of our students' art shows on YouTube!

Prerequisites: None


SYLLABUS:doodling art ghf

Week 1: Sessions 1 & 2:  Lines and Letters, Sketching and Shading 
In this first week of classes, you will meet your fellow artists.  Then you will play with various techniques that will enhance your sketching:  putting variety into your lines and learning how to shade.  Moreover, you will have the opportunity to create lettering art with these techniques.

Week 2: Sessions 1 & 2: Color, Contrast, and Composition
During these two sessions, you will learn about the color wheel: how colors mix, how they affect a piece, and how various color schemes work. To explore color, your will experiment with a favorite color medium.

Week 3: Sessions 1 & 2: White Space, Continuance, and Closure
In these two classes, you will explore using white space to guide the eye and give it rest, creating a line for viewers to follow, and playing with complete and incomplete images to affect viewers’ experience and perception of artwork.

Week 4: Sessions 1 & 2: Symmetry and Asymmetry art color theory wheel ghf
This week you will learn principles of symmetry and asymmetry to create balanced art pieces.

Week 5: Sessions 1 & 2: Proximity, Dominance, and Repetition
During this week’s classes, you will experiment with perspective, size, and repetition of objects to compose a piece.

 Week 6: Sessions 1 & 2: Catch Up and Create!
We will use this week to review any concepts you would like to review, to catch up on previous artwork, and to create one final piece of artwork that employs all of the building blocks you learned in this course.

cats sketching art ghfSupply List (check with instructor to see which items are required and which are optional)

Any kind of art can get expensive quickly since we artists love our supplies.  I am a great believer in using what you have available to you! In that spirit, I am giving suggestions for media you can use in class. Feel free to improvise with what you already own.

That said, I do strongly suggest that you purchase the 9 X 12 Visual Journal with vellum pages.  Vellum holds up to almost any media you put on it.

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