GHFO Spring 2016 Registration is Now Open!

GHF is excited to announce the Spring 2016 line up of classes for GHF Online! We are offering several new classes, and even have a brand new instructor!

tardis doctor who ghfWe welcome Amy Sharony to the GHF Online family of instructors. Amy is offering the teen class Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: Reading Philosophy in Doctor Who. This class will use The Doctor as an opportunity to explore and discuss philosophy, reality, chronology, and more.

trickster mythology GHFPopular mythology instructor Allison Stieger of Mythic Stories will be offering Native American Mythology for the very first time with GHFO, as well as Harry Potter and the Hero's Journey, using J.K. Rowling’s books to examine the stages of the monomyth, as described by Joseph Campbell. Each student is required to have read the Harry Potter series at least once prior to the beginning of class (though we don't expect that to be a problem).

Continuing students in Andrea Whitson's Aristotle Leads the Way and Newton at the Center can register early for her next class sessions. There will also be an Advanced Computing class opening!

minecraft algebra ghfChristy Knockleby has developed an Advanced Minecraft Math class focusing on algebra and graph theory. Continuing students get priority, but we expect spots to be available for additional students in one of the two sections.

Another STEM class will be taught by Madeline Goodwin, a particular favorite of the younger set, who is offering Meet the Biosphere. Her students will learn about the diversity of life on planet Earth. Genetics, species interactions, and ecology will be discussed on the path from microscopic molecules to continental communities.

ghf artFor the budding artists in the crowd, Lisa Lauffer is offering Building Blocks of Art, an opportunity explore and practice art techniques such as sketching objects and faces, extreme doodling, lettering, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and collaging. The virtual classroom allows the students and the instructor to observe and advise in real time, and the class will end with an online art show!

And a perennial GHFO favorite, Justin Schwamm of the Tres Columnae Project continues to guide and instruct the GHF Latin family. Instead of learning vocabulary and grammar in isolation, students develop deep knowledge, skill, and understanding of the Latin language, Roman culture, and Roman history. This spring he'll be teaching Latin I-IV, and he's happy to answer any questions about determining the right placement level for your child.

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Spring Session registration is now open!



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