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WHY “GIFTED”?green-bar-1

Our view of giftedness is geared towards the whole child, including not just intellectual giftedness, but also the social, emotional, and sensory intensities and asynchronies that are part of the package.

Working with gifted children can be both challenging and rewarding. Gifted children are many ages at once—ten when they read, but six when they write; or years ahead in math, but age-level socially.

broshure-kids-happy-gray-scale-1The further along the spectrum of giftedness children are, the more intense those challenges and rewards can be; intensity defines the highly, exceptionally, and (in particular) profoundly gifted child. Add any other learning differences—twice exceptionalities—and you have what can be a truly tremendous and astonishing experience.

Custom, home-based schooling allows families to address these needs, and GHF helps them do so with the resources we provide.


Schools serve a critical role in our society, but not every school is a good match for every child. Homeschooling can be an ideal alternative for gifted children, because it provides an education tailored to individual intellectual, social, and emotional needs.

GHF exists because most homeschool organizations do not address giftedness and school-based gifted programs, when they exist, often don’t serve children whose intense giftedness or twice exceptionalities (giftedness with learning disabilities, also referred to as 2e) require home-based supplementation or truly customized schooling.

We view homeschooling broadly and inclusively. Our membership is diverse and far-flung, hailing from across the U.S. and the world. Many families that use homeschooling as an alternative do so more “on the go” than at home, with heavy community involvement and plenty of driving to outsourced classes, play dates, park days, museums, and the like. Learning at home can also co-exist with enrollment full- or part-time in a school.

GHF aims to support all these approaches with education, advocacy, and community.


As the number of gifted homeschoolers has grown, so has the need to for them to have access to relevant resources. An equally critical need is to connect families who share similar situations. Homeschooling gifted children can be a very demanding undertaking, even when it meets their needs better than schooling could possibly do.

To respond to these needs, GHF has curated resources on its website. These include a clearinghouse of information about existing homeschooling and gifted support resources; printable brochures for educators and healthcare professionals; an entire section on twice exceptionalities, including a printable brochure on that topic; and other resources.

GHF also hosts a forum for professionals who work with gifted children in education, advocacy, healthcare, and the like, providing information, support, and connections to the professionals who work with these families.

We also offer GHF Online Classes for gifted homeschoolers and others seeking more demanding challenges than what might be offered in schools.

Perhaps most importantly, we offer an online community for gifted homeschooling families. The resources and support families offer one another are immeasurable. Find us at


To help families connect, GHF sponsors an email distribution list for families who homeschool their gifted children or are considering homeschooling. Join us at

GHF also offers a smaller list dedicated to professionals who work with this community. Professional resources can be found at

You can also visit GHF’s Facebook page at We are on Twitter at @GiftedHF, and we have dedicated Tumblr and Pinterest pages as well.


When you become a supporting member, you help us continue our work for the GHF community. Membership benefits include discounts on books, services, conferences, speakers, and GHF Online courses, as well as access to GHF Groups, an online support resource for GHF supporting members. You can also request a membership card with your name on it.

To join GHF, visit our website at:
Membership is $24.00 for one year. Discounts are available for multi-year memberships.
GHF is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is fully tax-deductible; we recommend you consult with your financial or tax specialist for details.

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