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Blake Boles, Unschool AdventuresDiscovering New Paths with Unschool Adventures
by Blake Boles

When I was 14, a vicious insect attacked me. It sunk its long fangs into my skin, injected its venom, and hasn’t let go since.


by Diane Flynn Keith

Did you ever have the feeling deep in your heart that you were supposed to be doing something other than what you spent most of your time doing?

globe books resources geographyGeography Resources!
by Nicole Linn

My children have been interested in geography since the time I set the first U.S.A. placemat in front of them at breakfast. ...


iStock_000020436634XSmallWhy does my child worry so much?
by Dan Peters, Ph.D

How comprehensive evaluations can help you find out why.

Teaching Your Kid How to Connect with Others through RDI
by Sarah C. Wayland, Ph.D

A kid with a social communication disorder can struggle to connect with other kids; the repercussions can be devastating and long-lasting.

Why homeschool a student with autism or twice-exceptionalities?
by Erin Gayton, Ph.D.

When people find out that I homeschool my sons, and that they both have autism, they either act like I'm crazy or some kind of saint. Neither is true, though plenty of days I feel like I'm losing my mind...

 Girl BloggingPromoting Creativity in our Gifted Youth

Gifted children often create work that inspires and amazes us. Whether your child has published a book, recorded original music, maintains a blog, engineered a unique design, or participated in some other creative outlet, GHF wants to know....

unnamedEffective Communication in Gifted Families
by Bob Yamtich

I'm loving the response to my invitation for free consults, so keep them coming. If we haven't already chatted, feel free to schedule a 15-minute appointment...

AstoreHave You Seen GHF’s Amazon Store?

If your children are like mine—and this is my gifted community, so I know they are—they read lik...


madelineFrom the Board President, Corin Goodwin: 10 Years Ago!
by Corin Goodwin

Ten years ago, a group of parents felt frustrated at the lack of understanding and resources availab...


gtchatGHF & #gtchat: Celebrating 10 Years of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum
by Lisa Conrad

What started at a kitchen table has now developed into a community with global reach. One has to wonder if that small group of parents 10 years ago could have envisioned what Gifted Homeschoolers Forum has become today...



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