Pirates, Politics and Poets

Starts on the Date/Time - Jan 26 2017 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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This is a two semester class, you must register for this class in the fall of the school year.
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CLASS DESCRIPTION:pirates Pirates, Politics and Poets

Look beyond pirate stereotypes to learn about the real pirates that sailed the sea, and the history of the world they lived in. This class provides in in-depth look at world history, with a touch of political theory and poetry.

Learn about the early Portuguese and Spanish voyages of exploration, and how with the Pope’s assistance they tried to divide the Southern world between themselves. Learn about Ferdinand and Isabella’s policies helped add to the numbers of Barbary Corsairs and how pirates participated in the religious wars during the Reformation, and after. We’ll learn about the interaction between piracy, the various European East-India Companies, and the history of Japan, China and Indonesia.

This is part one of a two semester course. In the second semester we’ll talk about how the English civil war, the Restoration and Glorious Revolution all contributed to different groups of pirates, and why during the American Revolution the British hung American sailors as pirates

There is an optional Minecraft component to this class. Students will be invited to participate on a collaborative minecraft building project, modeling the scene of one of our stories. Minecraft NPCs (non-player-characters) will provide short quests for students to do reviewing bits of the history. Time will be put aside at 11:00am on the first Friday of the month to discuss, plan and work together on the projects. Students wishing to participate will require minecraft for PC/Mac.

Instructor: Christy Knockleby christy minecraft math

5-10 students, 8 years and older 

Time: Thursdays 11:30am – 12:30am Pacific.



Semester 1

Week 1. Spanish and Portuguese Divide the World

Week 2. Christopher Columbus & Amerigo Vespucci

Week 3. Spanish Unification and the Barbarossa

Week 4. Reformation and the English Kings

Week 5. English Pirates for Hire – Netherlands and France

Week 6. Mock Debate – Elizabeth’s advisors

Week 7. Search for the North-West-Passage

Week 8. Francis Drake, Raleigh and the Spanish Armada

Week 9. Cervantes & Don Quixote

Week 10. The Barbary Corsairs

Week 11. Trade and Imperialism

Week 12. Colonization and North America

Week 13. The Thirty Years War

Week 14. English Civil War

Week 15. Henry Morgan


Semester 2

Week 1. Review

Week 2. Samuel Pepys

Week 3. Journeying past the Cape of Good Hope

Week 4. The Atlantic Slave Trade

Week 5. Glorious Revolution & The Salem Witch Hunts

Week 6. Golden Age of Piracy begins – Capture of the Ganjisaweaee

Week 7. Golden Age Pirates – Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Calico Jack

Week 8. Robinson Crusoe

Week 9. The French and Indian Wars

Week 10. American Revolution

Week 11. Haitian Revolution

Week 12. The French Revolution

Week 13. The end of the Barbary Corsairs

Week 14. Abolition movement

Week 15. Wrap-up and review






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