Minecraft Creative Writing Class

Starts on the Date/Time - Sep 1 2016 - 10:15 am - 11:15 am

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Weekly schedule of classes


This creative writing class explores the genre of open-ended stories and adventures, such as we find in computer games. Throughout the semester students will create their own Minecraft adventure quest. We will discuss character development and dialogue writing, which the students will put to use in creating Minecraft NPCs (non-player-characters). We will discuss plot devices and ways of providing backstory. We will talk as well about how famous authors used different literary techniques.

All students will require Minecraft for PC/Mac.

Instructor: Christy Knockleby christy minecraft math

5-10 students, 8 years and older 

Time: Thursdays 10:15-11:15 am Pacific.



Week 1. Introduction to Minecraft adventure maps – what is a Minecraft adventure map? How do we build one?

Week 2. Designing our class projectminecraft writing

Week 3. Writing the NPC scripts

Week 4. Minecraft building tools and creating a setting

Week 5. Exploring our class project

Week 6. Plot development and getting started on our own stories

Week 7. Writing an NPC script continued

Week 8. Character Development

Week 9. Quest objectives and riddles

Week 10. Quest objects

Week 11. Foreshadowing, and guiding the player through the game

Week 12. Backstories

Week 13. Writing the introduction

Week 14. Presenting our stories

Week 15. Presenting our stories continued


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