Latin II Intermediate: Taking Things to a Higher Level – section 2

Starts on the Date/Time - Jan 23 2017 - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Designed primarily for those who have taken and enjoyed GHF Online’s Introduction to Latin course, but open to others who have the basics, this course takes us on a deep dive into Roman history, mythology, and culture. We will form a Joyful Learning Community and Build Meaningful Things Together as we continue to get to know the Tres Columnae Project characters and create new stories about their adventures. Someone might get married. Someone might discover a long-forgotten secret. Someone might have a real change of character. And, Mount Vesuvius? It might just erupt one of these days!

Prerequisite: GHFO Introduction to Latin or another introductory Latin experience. If you have not studied Latin before, please take Introduction to Latin first.

latin GHF GHFOInstructor: Justin Schwamm

5-10 students, 10 years and older

Time: Mondays 3:00-4:00 pm Pacific.

Weekly. Jan 23 - May 9, 2017. Spring Break TBD by instructor.

Class Registration Fee: $245.00 (GHF Members receive a $15 discount off of each class they sign up for)

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Weeks 1-4: Unit I: quī sumus? ubi? quandō? (Who, where, and when?)

Major Topics:

  • Review of Pronunciation and Spelling of Latin, as needed
  • Review of essential vocabulary and grammatical forms, as needed
  • Review of essential reading skills and strategies, as needed
  • modus optātīvus Latin verbs
  • Roman products, practices, and perspectives related to rites of passage, including marriage and travel

Weeks 5-8: Unit II: domus nova (A New Home)

Major Topics:

  • Mottos, proverbs, fables, and other authentic texts
  • Perspectives on chariot racing and other forms of entertainment
  • Roman products, practices, and perspectives about childbirth, maturity, and death
  • Latin verbs: modus gerundīvus, modus supīnus, and modus infīnītīvus

Weeks 9-12: Unit III: Vīta, Morbī, Mors (Life, Illness, Death)

Major Topics:

  • More mottotres columnae latins, proverbs, fables, and other authentic texts
  • Medicine (and non-medical forms of healing) in the Roman world
  • Social class distinctions in the Roman world
  • Review and consolidation of important vocabulary and grammatical concepts
  • Discourse-level features of Latin: clauses and connections
  • (Review of) past-tense Latin verbs: temporis praeterītī inperfectī, perfectī, plūsquamperfectī

Weeks 13-16: Unit IV: officia mea (My Obligations)

Major Topics:

  • More mottoes, proverbs, fables, and longer authentic texts
  • Higher education and career education in the Roman world
  • Career differences related to social class and gender
  • Introduction to the City of Rome itself
  • Common Latin pronominal


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