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blogsA number of families raising and educating their gifted and twice-exceptional children (2e) have begun blogging about their family's experiences. The blogs can range from serious to amusing, educational to emotional, or a combination of any and all of these. The key to reading them is in understanding that each family -- each individual -- each teacher or other professional who works with gifted and 2e kids -- will have a unique experience to share, yet there will be sufficient commonalities that we can learn from each other and (hopefully!) avoid reinventing the wheel. It can be an incredible relief for a family who has chosen an alternative route to educating their gifted or 2e child to discover that there are others like them, that others have faced similar choices and made it through.

Following are some of the blogs created and maintained by gifted or homeschooling families and professionals. As you might expect, linking to these sites is not an endorsement by GHF and we won't necessarily agree with everything posted. Please consider the value of a diversity of opinions!

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blogs A 2E Fox Revived - American expatriate mother home educating her 2e/US-UK son in the UK.
blogs  Atlas Educational - Atlas Educational is an innovative blog about the evolution of education including a profound love for gifted advocacy and homeschooling.
blogs  BJ's Homeschool - Resources and encouragement for your homeschooling journey from preschool to High School, with tips for College.
blogs  The Cardinal House - Homeschooling gifted son with imaginational overexcitabilities.
blogs  Cedar Life Academy - Homeschool support and encouragement
blogs Christy's Houseful of Chaos - Homeschooling, books and (mostly Canadian) politics
blogs Crushing Tall Poppies - Advocating for the needs of gifted children because no child should have to suffer simply because they were born gifted.
blogs Eclectic Homeschool - Raising Global Kids
 blogs Empowering Parents to Teach -
blogs Everyday Learning - Sometimes life comes along and hijacks your best laid curricular plans. That can be a good thing.
 blogs The Fissure Blog - Real, inspired writing on education and the evolution of learning in the 21st century.
blogs  The Fringy Bit - REAL support and stories about loving someone who is wired a bit differently, brought to you by married psychotherapists and parents of 3 gifted/2E kiddos.
 blogs  Gifted Parenting Support
 Gifted Unschooling - A journey into radically unschooling my profoundly gifted boys
blogs  Gluten-Free Mum - Amidst the Recipes of Life - Conversations on Twice Exceptional Homeschooling
blogs  Hand In Hand Homeschool - Helping parents find the answers they need along their children's educational journey.
blogs  Hands-On Parent while Earning. - Inspiration and support for parents who want to be hands-on with their children especially those who are gifted or twice exceptional while contributing to the family income.
blogs - Ramblings about our crazy journey homeschooling our Twice Exceptional son and his (probably 2e) siblings.
blogs  Homeschooling Hatters - The Adventures of a Gifted, Asynchronous, Eclectic, Homeschooling Family
blogs  Jade Rivera - Writing on the academic and social emotional needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children
blogs  Key Destiny Academy - Homeschooling Three Gifted Children
blogs   Laugh, Love, Learn - Stories about a British family living positively with 2e, sensitivity and intensity (OEs).
 blogs  Laughing at Chaos - Jen Merrill’s look at 2e parenting with a sense of humor
blogs  Madeline's Musings - A 2e, formerly homeschooled young person transitioning to the adult world
blogs  Navigating By Joy - Unschooling with giftedness and 2e in the UK
 blogs  Mommy Bares All - A no holds discussion of one mother's experiences
blogs  My Little Poppies - A school psychologist and mom to three finds herself suddenly, unexpectedly, homeschooling
 blogs  My Twice-Baked Potato - Writer, blogger and teacher sharing the success and struggles of raising a 2e son

 Not So Formulaic - Writer, teacher, and homeschooling mom of gifted/2E kiddos.

Preschool Engineer - Advocating for playful independent STEAM learning.
blogs  Raising Lifelong Learners - Raising outliers to be lifelong learners…exploring, discovering, creating with, and thriving together.
blogs  Raising Wizards - Resources and support for parents raising gifted children
 blogs  Random Everyday Blessings Discovering the blessings that seem to come from the most random places and in the most unexpected moments as I attempt to figure out this crazy thing called life.
blogs  Sallie Borrink Learning: All of Life is a Learning Adventure - Homeschooling, parenting, gifted/2e children, and daughters.
 blogs  Sceleratus Classical Academy
 blogs  Sprite's Site - Sprite is a twice-exceptional cartoon character!
 blogs  STEAM-Powered Classroom - Helping kids claim an engaging, creative education that is relevant to the 21st century
 blogs  Through a Stronger Lens - Seeing the World Through My Gifted Children's Eyes
blogs  Your Rainforest Mind: Guidance for the Excessively Curious, Creative, Smart & Sensitive - A psychotherapist writes with great insight about gifted adults and occasionally about parenting gifted kids.


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