Eight Great (and Affordable) Resources for Kids who Love Art


What used to be our dining table is now covered with pieces of paper, colored pencils, crayons, scissors and glue. Sound familiar? My kids love to draw. They color during breakfast, sketch through lunch, and pre-dinner requests to clean up their artwork are met with resistance. Though I must admit … Continue reading

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Mom Tested Tips to Enjoy Kids in the Kitchen

My kids love being in the kitchen. They experiment with their own recipes and learn about success and failure. They talk my husband and me into tasting some very questionable-looking creations. After a few less-than-flavorful experiments, I convinced my seven-year-old that cookbooks are not for the weak and recipes are not … Continue reading

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11 Books to Inspire Your Family – Inspirational Reading

Inspirational Books

Gifted children are often known for their entrepreneurial spirit, intense need for justice, compassion, and moral sensitivity. Books can be the root of a big idea or just the encouragement a child needs to bring creativity to life. I’ve compiled a list of books and links Continue reading

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9 History Books for Your Whole Family to Enjoy

9 history books

The other day, my youngest exclaimed, “I hate history!” This from the girl who carries around her big sister’s Horrible Histories collection so she can read the comic strips and laugh and at the covers. I know she doesn’t “hate” history. I do know several teenagers who avoid the subject … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Books for Handling Bullies, Friendships, and Big Emotions

Books for Handling Bullies, Friendships, and Big Emotions

My seven-year-old daughter experienced her first encounter with little girl cliques a few weeks ago at school. Two second grader girls decided another girl could no longer be in their “group” and not-so-politely told her they were not her friends anymore and she couldn’t play with them. My daughter was … Continue reading

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Have You Seen GHF’s Amazon Store?

If your children are like mine—and this is my gifted community, so I know they are—they read like their lives depend on it. The librarians know you by name, or at least by face. Occasionally, your child finds a book that is just too difficult to return. He reads it … Continue reading

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