Implications of “Turning the Tide” for Homeschoolers

turning the tide

By Lori Dunlap In case you missed it last month, there was a new attention-grabbing report released by the Harvard Graduate School of Education that has caused quite a stir in the college admissions community. Just as many high school students were enduring final exams and simultaneously keeping an eye on the mailbox for college acceptance … Continue reading

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Life Credit versus High School Credit: Total Immersion in Study Abroad

life credit study abroad

by Laura McKinney The Life Cycle of a Public School Student I am a product of the public school system—and I do mean “product.” But I do not mean this in a necessarily negative way. Our system was designed for the industrial age when students were prepared to be workers in a factory … Continue reading

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Homeschooling: Then and Now

group learning homeschool GHF

By Diane Flynn Keith Are homeschoolers and their approach different today in 2015? The director of a charter school home study program in southern California recently confided, “Homeschooling parents are very different today than they were twenty years ago. Back then, parents didn’t want or need direction because they were … Continue reading

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Advice to My College-Bound, Introverted 18-Year-Old Daughter

College-Bound, Introverted

by Suzanne Paley With my eldest daughter going off to college next month (but still staying close enough that she can continue to spend her weekends with her current friends doing her current all-consuming activities), my biggest worry is that she won’t branch out and have the full-immersion experience I … Continue reading

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Inspiration for the Collaboratory Zone

collaboration, Mr. Gelston

by Barry Gelston One concern about homeschooling which makes rounds in the education community is that the educational setting of homeschooling inhibits homeschoolers’ ability to collaborate. This implication that homeschoolers only work in seclusion doesn’t make sense to me. Here I am working with kids online from around the world, supported … Continue reading

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Extend Your Child’s Creativity with Build Upons

build upons lunchbox electronics

Standardized learning can be tedious and discourage creativity and critical thinking. Kids dig far more deeply through play and enjoyment. Opportunities to explore STEAM surround us, as long as we make room for it. That’s the beauty of Build Upons: World’s Tiniest Light Up Bricks by Lunchbox Electronics, GHF’s new project partner. … Continue reading

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