Staying Motivated throughout the Homeschool Year

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Change is in the Air ~ Chasing Hollyfeld

Do I have to??? ~ Defying Gravity

Grey Fog Repellant ~ Building Wing Span

How do you homeschool during the hard parts of the year--and of life? ~

Is It Time to Think About Regular School? ~ Modern Homeschooling

Learning throughout the year - what it looks like for us ~ The Gift of Home

Motivation, Entropy, and Intelligence ~ Wenda Sheard, J.D. Ph.D. Thoughts on Life & Learning

Six Ways to Stay Motivated Un/Homeschooling With a 2e and Not Totally Lose it ~ A 2e Fox Revived

Staying Motivated: Funny From Me, Innit? ~ Homeschooling Hatters

Staying Motivated Throughout the Homeschool Year ~ Jade Rivera

Staying Motivated throughout the Homeschool Year ~ Learn At Every Turn

Staying Motivated Throughout the Homeschool Year ~ Sprite's Site

Staying motivated throughout the homeschooling year. ~ Christy's Houseful of Chaos

Staying Motivated Throughout the Homeschooling Year: How to Survive. How do you homeschool through sleep deprivation? ~ Gluten-Free Mum

Unconditional Unschooling ~ A Voracious Mind

When the Going Gets Tough ~ Mr. Curious and Miss Delightful

When the Homeschooling Train Loses Steam ~ Crushing Tall Poppies

"You're Not the Boss of Me!" Who's in charge: me or the curriculum? ~ Sceleratus Classical Academy


And a late blog hop "non-entry":

Our homeschool motivation is just out of reach…because reasons ~ Laughing at Chaos


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