Promoting Health and Wellness in the Gifted/2E Child


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Being Smart About Health and Wellness ~ Wenda Sheard, J.D. Ph.D. Thoughts on Life & Learning
"I believe that parents should tell their children the truth about health and wellness, warts and all. Let children know that we can no longer pretend that the first world lifestyle is benign. Teach children about society's health and wellness foibles as well as our own personal foibles. Teach children about moderation, and teach them the dangers of assuming that moderation will work seamlessly or sufficiently to bring us health and wellness."

The Care and Feeding of Your Gifted Child ~ Homeschooling Hatters

Keeping Balanced: Promoting Health and Wellness in the Gifted/2E Child ~ Gluten-Free Mum
"As I have talked about before, both my kids have LDs. My son has SPD and ideopathic toe walking (plus another unknown disability we're going through the wringer to get diagnosed). My daughter has anxiety disorder - she gets stressed and then is unable to feel pain - which causes her to be a sensory seeker - she likes throwing herself onto the floor for the bump. I cried the first time she complained about a minor injury. Because it was a big deal - it meant that she was able to feel it, and therapy was working.
So today I'm going to talk about how we incorporate strategies into our day to keep everyone on an even keel. Some of these are for the disabilities, some for the OEs. They all help."

Little Ones and Car Seat Fury ~ Through a Stronger Lens

Minimizing Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Outbursts ~ A Voracious Mind

Physical Fitness for Kids Who Like to Sit ~ Ecletic Homeschool
"Several years ago I realized that we had to do something different if I wanted to give my kids the gift of a healthy lifestyle. I had to make it a priority in our life and in our school day."

School Lunches versus Packing a Lunch: How to Keep Both Healthy ~ Mama in the Kitchen

Simple ways to nurture wellness in gifted/2e kids (and grown-ups!) ~ RedWhiteandGrew

Sometimes western medicine has no answers. Holistic medicine and my 2e kid  ~ Laughing at Chaos

Steps for dealing with anxiety, feelings/emotions, and your 2e child ~ A 2e Fox Revived
"Steps for dealing with feelings/emotions.... such as identifying feelings (sad, mad, bad, glad), validating those feelings, and sharing the feelings."

Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Dentist ~ Scleratus Classical Academy
"Strategies for first time visitors and sensitive kids, co-authored by an experienced dental assistant and father."

Tips from a Coach for Keeping Gifted Children Active ~ Great Peace Academy
"An Interview with the Coach of The HomeSchool Gym, a unique program designed specifically for homeschool students. He shares his principles for including, interacting and managing expectations for his students, specifically gifted and special needs children."

Your Shame is Their Shame ~ Building WingSpan


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