Gifted Children: Academic and Career Planning Beyond K-12

Gifted Children: Academic and Career Planning Beyond K-12. Many gifted children take alternative educational paths, often with support and scaffolding all the way. But their need for intellectual challenge and their asynchronous development do not end simply because they're ready for college or a career. In the the latest GHF Blog Hop, "Gifted Children: Academic and Career Planning Beyond K-12," learn from GHF Bloggers who have gone through this transition, faced the challenges, and created meaningful advanced academic and career experiences with their gifted children.



planning beyond k12Beyond K12: Career (and Life) Options ~ GHF Blog (Wes Beach)

Young people are inundated with similar, prescriptive, one-size- fits-all messages that come at them from many directions: The surest route to a successful life is to build an exceptional record in K-12 schools, especially in high school, proceed directly to a prestigious college or university, earn a degree, and sincerely consider graduate or professional school. This prescription, if taken seriously and followed, leads many people away from paths on which they would much more readily find their authentic calling.

planning beyond K12Every Day is Career Day ~ Preschool Engineer (Julie Uzelac Schneider)

Over the weekend my family attended an Open Studios event where local artists open their homes and their studios to the public to tour, learn, and network. By entering into the artist community and meeting and engaging with artists, I saw that every day is career day for young children and seeing it as such can help frame our view of the work/play they do and, in turn, the way we parent them.

planning beyond K12

Going From Homeschool to College~ BJ's Homeschool (Betsy Sproger)

As many of you know, we are a homeschooling family. We began that early on, during preschool, and it worked so well for our daughter, that we continued on for many years. Then we hit middle school....

planning beyond K12Planning a Gifted Child's Future ~ Atlas Educational (Lisa Swaboda)

Preparing for college and work-life isn't solely about focusing on the academics. Though our children excel with less effort in proportion to the national average in academics, our children may need more support with other challenges in order to be successful. Concepts like persistence, flexible problem solving, and social-emotional understanding are all worthy of our time and attention. We need to continue to support the development of our children to be their best selves. No one in life has it easy. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Don't let life skills be the forgotten course.

planning beyond K12Top 10 Things I Learned about Forming a Gifted Homeschool Coop ~ School of the Minds (Carissa Leventis-Cox)

Running a Gifted Homeschool Coop takes hard work, organization, patience, and persistence, but the community you build becomes like a second family and creating a place where gifted, asynchronous, accelerated, and independent learners can interact at a meaningful level makes your time spent all the more worthwhile.



GHF offers resources for supporting your teen and finding community for yourself. Check out our online classes, where kids make friends and gain mentors. Dear GHF also answers questions about community - how to find them and how to handle the social interactions without becoming a helicopter parent.

Don't miss these topical books from expert Wes Beach:

Self Directed LearningSelf-Directed Learning: Documentation and Life Stories

What guarantees success? Four years of high school? A college degree? A nine-to-five job? Perhaps, but many teens yearn for a different path. In his latest book, “Self-Directed Learning: Documentation and Life Stories,” Wes Beach argues that people who recognize their genuine interests and talents need only their self-knowledge, confidence, enthusiasm, determination, ability to persevere, and sense of autonomy to carry them where they want to go. Wes shares stories of people whose needs were not met by traditional education, and thus created their own paths. Wes also includes transcripts and information that his students used to gain admission to colleges and universities throughout the country. “Self-Directed Learning” speaks to people who desire to pursue their passions and grow into productive and fulfilled adults.

Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling
Forging Paths

Traditional schooling may not provide your son or daughter with a satisfactory or fulfilling education. In Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling, you’ll read the stories of nine young people who took varying, nontraditional educational paths and succeeded in their chosen endeavors and vocations. Wes Beach, director of an unusual private high school, speaker, and author, prompts you to reconsider the idea that any highly successful career path must involve piling up gold stars in high school to gain immediate admission to a prestigious university in order to earn a degree which can cost more than most people earn in a year. Discover how passion, persistence, creativity and perseverance can lead to a life of satisfaction and even some traditional achievements!


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