Parenting Gifted/2E Kids on a Shoestring

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Parenting gifted/2e kids on a shoestring doesn't have to be limiting. Check out these blog posts to see how other parents created interesting, fun, and educational experiences on a budget!

budget homeschooling gifted freeBudget Friendly Homeschooling for the Gifted Family ~ Through a Stronger Lens (Nicole Linn)

I am often asked about what curriculum I use, how we structure our days, how I keep track of what we do.  The answer is...<<gasp>>...we don't. How do I facilitate any learning around here without curriculum? Let me share some of our favorite low-cost resources with you.

homeschool gifted unschooling economicalEconomic Unschooling ~ Gifted Unschooling (Amy Harrington)

Unschooling doesn't have to break the bank. More isn't necessarily better and almost everything you need is within reach if you take a few simple steps. Libraries may be the single most important resource in your unschooling on a budget lifestyle. In addition to the plethora of books at your disposal, which you may order online from the comfort of your own home, the library offers free WiFi and computer access. Once you gain online access, the free exhange of content is available in all areas of interest. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) are a great starting point for those seeking higher level learning within a framework and gratis.Your local library may also have book clubs, special learning opportunities such as classes and online courses as well as a clean, temperate environment in which to relax and soak in information.

gifted homeschool frugalFrugal Apartment 2e Homeschooling ~ Gluten-Free Mum (Kathleen Humble)

There are many ways we have changed our lifestyle in order to be able to homeschool our children. Adjusting to the reality of a one-income family involved rethinking many of our assumptions about what we needed and what we could do without. It's an ongoing process as our needs have changed over time. Some of our decisions have been lifestyle based, and some have been more focused on how we create an environment that is conductive to learning.

big family homeschool expensive Homeschooling a Large Family on a Small Budget ~ Up Parenting Creek (guest blogger: Eleen Kamas)

One question people often ask when they learn we homeschool is, "How can you afford it? That must be really expensive! Especially when you have so many children!” It does help that my husband is an electrical engineer with a good salary. It doesn’t help that we live in California’s Silicon Valley, which is notoriously expensive, and that we have six children. But that doesn’t mean that educating our children at home has to be incredibly expensive.

gifted homeschool budget Homeschooling Gifted Kids on a Shoestring ~ Raising Lifelong Learners (Colleen Kessler)

Parenting a gifted child presents unique challenges – especially when it comes to meeting their asynchronous academic needs. When a kiddo is many ages at once, he needs curriculum at varying levels. That can get expensive...

homeschool gifted freeKeeping Up Without Going Broke ~ Homeschooling Hatters (Care Martin)

Parenting gifted kids is complicated. Homeschooling them is complicated too, only now you get to add in the fact that they can, and often will, go through several years of material in one sitting. Mad Natter has very little desire to go deeper into subjects, and some things there's only so far you can go into them - trust me, the girl who had to write a four page report for World History on *NORTH VIETNAM* in the '90s.

gifted homeschool frugalOn a Shoestring ~ Sprite's Site (Jo Freitag)

It seems that Retweet and I have slightly different ideas of what NEST Ed/Homeschooling on a shoestring means. For Retweet it was a fairly literal interpretation whereas for me it meant being able to provide opportunities for great education on a very limited budget. But we did agree about learning situations and resources that could be found for little or no cost.

free gifted homeschool library librariesThe ONLY  Thing You Need for Homeschooling {and it's FREE!} ~ My Little Poppies (Caitlin Curley)

So many folks tell me that they know they should go to the library more than they do. They worry about their children staying quiet in the library. They are concerned about lost books and library fines. They feel that Amazon is easier. I truly believe that the only thing you NEED for homeschooling is a library card.

national parks nps homeschool gifted science stemSmall Price... Huge Value!  ~ Madeline's Musings (Madeline Goodwin with guest Corin Goodwin)

We traveled all over the country learning about astronomy, the physical and natural sciences, history (including live reenactments!), and civics. We met people from all over the world. We visited bigger cities… but then left before they overwhelmed us. We made friends and visited back and forth with them and with our scattered family members. No curriculum, no school supplies, and our public library at home allowed us to take out piles of books and audiobooks to bring with us for weeks at a time!

free homeschool giftedTop 7 Tips to Parenting and Homeschooling an Asynchronous, Self-Directed Child on a Shoestring ~ The Cardinal House (Carissa Leventis-Cox)

These are SEVEN tips our family has found invaluable to our homeschool lives. Except for internet at home which we pay for, the rest of these things on our list can be available for FREE.

STEM homeschool giftedTop 15 Free STEM Resources ~ Eclectic Homeschooling  (Amy B.)

"It is easy for science, math, engineering, and technology to be money hogs. There are so many excellent kits and maker materials out there, but the cost of those items add up. Over the years we have discovered some excellent STEM resources that will cost you nothing.


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