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What is a Blog Hop? A Blog Hop is a way to discover and follow blogs, as well as promote your own. Every month or two, we pose a topic, our blogging members discuss it, and we link to their posts. GHF blog hops include bloggers from around the world, all of them committed to articulating the unique concerns, needs, and perspectives of gifted/2e families, especially (but not exclusively) those who choose to homeschool "theirkids.

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A Gifted Child's Owner's Manual: What every parent of a gifted child wants and needs.  ~ Celi Trepanier, Crushing Tall Poppies

"A highly-detailed owner’s manual complete with a lengthy, comprehensive section on raising gifted children, and with the crucial bonus of a 24/7 emergency help hot line with a live, knowledgeable person always at the other end ready to speak to you and to keep you from running away from home!"

Enriching Your Gifted Child’s Life by Building Memories ~ Lisa Conrad, Gifted Parenting Support

Gifted and 2e Parenting: Some tips for navigating this strange world ~ Kathleen Humble, Gluten Free Mum

"Parenting Gifted and 2e kids, much like parenting in general, but only more-so, for me has been a journey into the unknown."

Gifted Child, Gifted Parent ~ Christy's Houseful of Chaos

Gifted Parenting Resource: What Can Gifted Homeschooling Forum's Groups Do For You? ~ Carolyn Fox, A 2e Fox Revived

Having patience while gifted children adapt to change ~ Nicole Linn, Through a Stronger Lens

How a Gifted Childhood Prepared Me for Gifted Parenting: Part 2 ~ Anya Warde, Sceleratus Classical Academy

"A continuation of a previous post expanding on how dealing with my own gifted childhood helps me better handle some of my children's gifted traits."

How I use my overexcitabilties to parent better ~ Susanne Thomas, Building Wingspan

I Wouldn't Have Believed You ~ Jen Merrill, Laughing at Chaos

It gets better, parents. I hardly believe it myself.

My Children Dictate Our Way of Life ~ Amy Harrington, Gifted Unschooling

Parenting Children That Don't Exist: Minority Cubed ~ Doresa Jennings, Key Destiny Academy

"I decided to a vlog instead of a blog for this month's topic of Gifted Parenting. I wanted to take my time with this subject and share my heart in discussing my experience of parenting what I call minority cubed children (gifted, homeschooled, African American). While the video is a bit on the long side, I hope you grab a cup of tea and view!"

Parenting the Gifted: No limits on trouble ~ Care Martin, Homeschooling Hatters

Unconditional Parenting and the Gifted Child ~ Cheri Gould, The Gifted of Home: Adventures in Homeschooling

How do you help your children develop their gifts without making them feel like your love is conditional on them being gifted?

What I've Learned About Being Gifted as a Grown-Up ~ Pamela Price,

"I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a universal truth, but a whole lot of parents I know who are raising gifted kids have gone through a bit of shock when the quirks and eccentricities of their kiddos prove to be tiny emotional landmines. Hit one of those suckers at the right place and time and one can be thrown backwards through years and decades to the awkward phases of being a gifted kid or teen again."

Where Do You Think They Got It From? ~ Jade Ann Rivera, guest blogging for GHF

"A clinical understanding of giftedness as a holistic, inherent cognitive difference has only now begun to explode into popular culture. Everywhere, people are working hard to develop strategies to support the gifted learner. The semi-joking question I get from gifted parents all the time is “Where were you when I was five?”"

 Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me? ~ Sarah Wilson, Watch Out For Gifted People

Why I Don't Read Parenting Books Anymore* ~ Mona Chicks, Life with Intensity

"So this is the bottom line for me: does what I read lead me to understandhim better? Because, with understanding comes making good parenting decisions. I can't push him to do something for which he isn't ready; but I can push him to stretch himself to take that next step - understanding him means being able to see that fine line (or at least guess where it is... approximately).

And as I learn about my child, I learn about myself as well."


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