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What is a Blog Hop? A Blog Hop is a way to discover and follow blogs, as well as promote your own. Every month or two, we pose a topic, our blogging members discuss it, and we link to their posts. GHF blog hops include bloggers from around the world, all of them committed to articulating the unique concerns, needs, and perspectives of gifted/2e families, especially (but not exclusively) those who choose
non-traditional education for their kids.

5 Things a Gifted Adult Says ~ Our Life at Home (Stacey Adams)

Does a gifted kid's giftedness just fade away?

A gifted kid just becomes a gifted adult.
And if you're around him - or her - long enough, you're likely to hear one of these five things.

5 Tips for Raising Your Gifted Grown-Up  ~ Through a Stronger Lens (Nicole Linn)

Raising your gifted grown-up comes with its unique set of challenges. These grown-ups take time and patience to handle. I have put together a list of a few things you can do to keep that gifted mom/dad's meltdowns to a minimum, and help them "meet their potential", as we hear them say in conversation.

Dealing with the Disads: The Reality of Being a Gifted Adult ~ Mommy Misadventures (Michelle Nguyen)

How recognizing our own OE's and 2e-ness has informed raising our gifted daughter. Also touches on the realities of giftedness not being any guarantee of adult success and why I advocate so hard for my own daughter.

Embracing Gifted Me ~ Mommy Bares All (Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag)

When I learned that it's one of the traits of gifted individuals, I felt happy and relieved. My initial reaction was, "Oh! That's why!" I was very happy with my discovery. Finally, I felt relieved because all along I thought that something is wrong with me... why I can't easily move on when I get disappointed over things that fall short of my plans and when it's simply my default to strive to make things perfect.

Gifted Adults in SF Literature ~ Gluten-Free Mum (Kathleen Humble)

Here are my set of micro-reviews of some of my favourite SF books on gifted adults. They range in reading demographic from YA to adult-only and these are the books that I keep going back to, again and again. In many ways, they reflect the struggles of the gifted adult - the problems with loneliness, 'fitting in' and dealing with thinking differently.

Gifted Grown Ups ~ Sprite's Site (Jo Freitag)

It is so often the way! People seem happy to acknowledge their children’s giftedness and to advocate for their needs to be met; while not recognizing, acknowledging or affirming their own giftedness and needs.

Gifted Kids Become Gifted Adults: Still managing OEs and asynchrony after all these years. ~ Life With Intensity (Mona Chicks)

People ask me how I can understand my son so well. The reason is because I recognize what is going on with him, because it would be the same for me. It still is the same for me, though I have more control over my environment and how I express what's going on inside of me.

How do we begin to talk about the "gifted lifetime"? And why should we care to bring it up? ~ Red White and Grew (Pamela Price)

" . . . at times that those of us in the gifted advocacy community stumble more often than we run with the topic of the gifted lifetime. Because that’s the point of talking about gifted adults, isn’t it? To stop pretending that being “gifted” is a blessing/curse that sorts itself out at 18.

It’s a gifted lifetime that many of us are living long after pull-out programs disappear."

Living Authentically: Being you when you are different. ~ Homeschooling Hatters (Care Martin)

My husband tells me I'm a hipster - but before hipsters were a thing. I don't like the things that are popular. The reasoning, though, is what sets me away from the hipster crowd. It's not that I prefer things to be edgy or think that they lose integrity when they become popular. I just don't like the same things as the bulk of society, so the things geared to them are of no interest to me.

Lost in Translation: An Immigrant Story ~ Random Everyday Blessings (Tabitha Ferreira)

Like many gifted adults the people in this story never knew that they were gifted. Only upon the recent discovery of giftedness in their children did the concept even arise. Each of the adults in the story has overcome, what others may have considered a disadvantage. Each has questioned why others find their struggle to be, too big. For them looking at the world in a different way was normal. Analyzing all possible outcomes was second nature. For them, moving on was the only choice and as such they feel like it is no big deal. This is the story that they won't tell. : I think I set up the schedule right, I'm not to sure as this is my first time setting up a schedule.

Making the Choice to Manage Intensity ~ Chasing Hollyfeld (Kathy Meyer)

Like most intense adults, I grew up not knowing why I felt things so intensely. Over the course of my lifetime, I have learned to manage my intensities mostly by observing others - seeing their expression change perceptibly when I have gone too far, overwhelmed them with too much information, too much excitement, or too many details.

Mommy Needs a Time Out ~ Random Everyday Blessings (Tabitha Ferreira)

I had read articles about Over Excitabilities. I had figured out which ones fit which child and had these huge "A-ha!" moments with each realization. Not once in any of that had I realized that I had them too. I am just like the little ones. So what happens when mommy has meltdowns too?

Gifted for Life ~ Gifted Unschooling (Amy Harrington)

Turns out that since my child is gifted then there is a strong probability that I am also gifted. It makes sense; however, when you grow up in a family where everyone is likely gifted and most of your friends are likely gifted yet no one is labeled as such or supported intellectually then you don't necessarily identify with such a label.

Shame and Resilience--Chainsaws in Your Childhood ~ Rainforest Mind (Paula Prober)

You are like the rain forest. Highly sensitive, colorful and complicated. Vulnerable to chainsaws. And the chainsaws are everywhere. They're the coworkers who can't keep up with you. The relatives who think you're too sensitive. The friends who disappear when you forget to modify your vocabulary. But what if the chainsaws lived with you? What if they were your parents?

The "Other" Gifted Adult ~ Patchwork Poppies (Nicole Diatto)

There are those who are still struggling with where their traits and talents should have gotten them as an adult. The "other" gifted adult. The one who doesn't have the paper degree and career to show for. The one who is still searching and striving to feel accepted and have worth in this world...

Yes, But Where's The Tree? ~ Gifted Matters (Mika Gustavson)

Looking at how parenting a gifted child can help with understanding one's own giftedness.


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