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What is a Blog Hop?

A Blog Hop is a way to discover and follow blogs, as well as share your own. Every month or two, we pose a topic, our blogging members discuss it, and we link to their posts. GHF blog hops include bloggers from around the world, all of them committed to articulating the unique concerns, needs, and perspectives of gifted/2e families, especially (but not exclusively) those who choose non-traditional education for their kids.

Giftedness doesn't begin in third grade and end at 18 years old. Like any other aspect of who we are, it stays with us as we develop from start to finish - impacting us in different ways over time. Read on to see what these awesome bloggers have to say about giftedness during different ages and stages!

gifted unschooling homeschool blog hopA little insight. A little perspective ~ Gifted Unschooling (Amy Harrington)

No one ever told me there was a reason people thought I was different. I didn't realize it as much as they noticed it. I thought everyone else was weird. Their desire to fit in and be like one another baffled me. I prefer going against the grain.


gifted blog hopAges and Stages of Being Gifted ~ Homeschooling Hatters (Care Martin)

We see so much about giftedness through our own lenses. But for this hop, I wanted to branch out a little, and get some perspective from other people - even those who don't necessarily feel connected or part of the Gifted Community. Since there are so many different ages and stages this could cover, I wanted to hit on as many as possible. As such, I took to interviewing, and today I get to share my results with you.

sprite gifted blog hopDo you grow out of giftedness?  ~ Sprite's Site (Jo Freitag)

People say ‘she is just going through a phase – she will grow out of it’. Is being gifted just a stage in life like being a teenager and do you grow out of it?”

gifted age and stagesGifted at Different Ages and Stages ~ Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag (Mommy Bares All)

It has been over 4 years now since my husband and I learned that our eldest son is gifted. There's still a lot that we have not figured out though. We still struggle a lot in putting our very active kids to sleep, getting them to finish their meals within an acceptable time frame and teaching them to be obedient to us. Each day is not complete without a power struggle. I'm still not used to their noise, mess and constant chatter.

gifted baby precocious resources blog hop

Gifted Babies and Toddlers: Where are the Resources? ~ Scleratus Classical Academy (Mrs. Ward)

"...once again, I panicked a bit. Early Bird at least waited until he was 2 years old before throwing me for a loop. Lady Bug only waited one year. What I am supposed to do with this talking baby?"



gifted parentingGifted Hindsight is 20/20 ~ My Little Poppies (Caitlin Curley)

They say hindsight is 20/20. As I sit here, seven years into this parenting gig, it's easy for me to identify all of the characteristics and traits that have become such a part of our lives and our family story. Early on, we were new parents. We were too sleep deprived and too in it to recognize any of the signs.

giftedGiftedness Across the Lifespan ~ Eclectic Homeschooling (Amy B.)

Giftedness isn't about what you can do, but who you are. From the time a child is born until they are elderly, giftedness is present. Our society needs to stop thinking of giftedness as academic achievement, because it isn't. It is different brain wiring.

math gifted blog hopHe's Really Gifted In Math?!?  ~ The Cardinal House (Carissa Leventis-Cox)

My son’s Math teacher looked at me through a web cam and smiled, “He’s gifted in Math!”
“He is?” My jaw dropped. I simply did not believe it. “He’s really gifted in… MATH???”

“YES! YES! YES!” he beamed.

gifted child self blog hop rainforest mindKnow Your Gifted Child--Find Your Gifted Self ~ The Rainforest Mind (Paula Prober)

When you find a gifted child, a parent who is gifted isn't far behind. Not always, of course. Sometimes it's a grandparent or your wild Aunt Nellie. But I see this phenomenon again and again. The more you recognize and understand your rainforest mind, the more you will understand your child.

gifted homeschool overexciteabilitiesThe Secret I Shared with the Family of a “Spirited” Child ~ Red, White and Grew (Pamela Price)

Instead of judging, I looked right at that spirited, jubilant little face, and tapped into all the love in my heart, all the while thinking a little acceptance from a stranger would keep him open to the world rather than shut him off from it.



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