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The breadth and depth of giftedness is often overlooked by those who equate it with high scores and academic achievement. But the variety of learning preferences and high likelihood of asynchrony or multiple diagnoses means that one-size-fits-all gifted education programs do not adequately cover the needs of these kids. In these posts, several of our bloggers discuss their views and experiences with the many facets of giftedness.

gifted early reader GHFA Tale of Three Readers: Three Different Kids, Three Different Journeys, One Common Thread ~ My Little Poppies (Caitlin Curley)

This week, I had my first conference with T's kindergarten teacher. After our initial greeting, her first question was an astonished, "So when did T start reading?" T started reading at four, just as her older brother did. T's younger brother, who turned four in September, is on the verge of unlocking the code. They are all similar, and yet different.

gifted ghfBreaking the Mold ~ Random Everyday Blessings (Tabitha Ferreira)

A perspective that challenges preconceived notions of who we are and how we order our concepts in relation to cultural norms. Are we even aware that gifted individuals can be diverse and complex or have we created a gifted mold based on preconceived notions?

sprite gifted GHFDiscovering the Depth and Breadth of Giftedness ~ Sprite's Site (Jo Freitag)

"Depth and breadth suggests the necessity to measure” declared the Lobsters.

gifted GHFDoes Testing Validate a Parent's Gifted Assessment? ~ The Cardinal House (Carissa Leventis-Cox)

What I learned after two weeks of anticipation was surprising: not only was my son gifted, but I clearly underestimated his level of giftedness. Every parent believes their child is more amazing and incredible than they are, right? Wrong. I totally misjudged my son's level of giftedness.

gifted dyslexia ghfDuality: A different face of gifted ~ Key Destiny Academy (Doresa Jennings)

Being two different and seemingly opposite things can be hard, being Twice Exceptional or 2E is no exception to this rule of nature. In this video I talk about another "face" of gifted, one that is often misunderstood and seldom discussed with depth or openly invited to participate in the world of gifted. Today, I try to give a bit of a voice to what it is like homeschooling and parenting twice exceptional children.

gifted unschooling GHFExpect the Unexpected ~ Gifted Unschooling (Amy Harrington)

Raising incredibly divergent children outside of mainstream parenting and educational paradigms creates an experience that is qualitatively different from the norm. We embrace it. The opportunity to develop authentically is the anchor in our radical unschooling lifestyle and freedom to follow one's passion is always on the menu.

gifted differentiation GHFGifted Children: The Differences are Real ~ Crushing Tall Poppies (Celi Trepanier)

Yet, despite all that I know, all that I have experienced, and all that I have read and written about gifted children, there are very real but unconventional traits of gifted children that seemingly pop up from some forgotten place in my gifted child, surprising me, and reminding me yet again that my child is very different because he is gifted."

gifted GHFGifted Learners: Deep, Wide, or Full-Speed Ahead? ~ Eclectic Homeschooling (Amy B.)

If you are homeschooling a gifted learner you have inevitably faced this question. Should you focus on going deep, wide, or full-speed ahead? What is the right thing to do?”

life learning gifted GHF GROGRO: Discovering The Depth and Breadth of Intelligence ~ Thoughts on Life & Learning (Wenda Sheard, Ph.D. J.D.)

What happens when a neuroscientist, a psychotherapist, an aerospace manager, an organizational behaviorist, and a public policy specialist get together? They raise money and begin an ambitious research effort to examine the sensory, cognitive, metabolic, physiological, neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and genetic characteristics of individuals with high intelligence.

rainforest mind gifted GHFIt's Complicated: Your Rainforest (Gifted) Mind ~ Your Rainforest Mind (Paula Prober)

The rainforest mind runs wide and deep. Think of the Amazon. The astonishing number of different species and the variety among each species. The lush, fertile, saturated richness decomposing and transforming. Maybe millions of plants, insects and micro-organisms still undiscovered.

Just like you: Astonishing amount of thinking, ideas, emotions, sensations, perceptions. Depth, sensitivity, creativity, disintegrating and transforming. Maybe millions of thoughts, ideas, emotions, sensations, perceptions and selves still undiscovered.

differentiation gifted humanities GHFOh, The Humanity of Gifted Education ~ Everyday Learning (Alessandra Giampaolo)

The breadth and depth of knowledge that some humanities gifted children bring to the elementary or middle school years can be staggering. So, how do you change the content - the process - or the product of learning for non-STEM students so their differentiation is something more than just a glorified craft project?

breadth gifted GHFThe Breadth of Gifted Still Knocks Me Flat ~ Gluten-Free Mum (Kathleen Humble)

Sometimes I can take it all in my stride.

Sometimes I forget, even for a moment, all that giftedness entails - and that's when I run into the 'oh, yeah, I forgot about that' wall.


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