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Gifted individuals encounter bullying across the lifespan--in classrooms and board rooms. Their sensitivities and overexcitabilities can make them especially vulnerable. In this hop our bloggers present a variety of perspectives on this important--albeit neglected--topic.

Bullying Across Gifted LifespanBook Excerpt: "Gifted, Bullied, Resilient" ~ RedWhiteandGrew (Pamela Price)

"One of them actually used those words earlier: “Hey, we don’t like you.”
They tell you that a lot. They also change the reasons why they do not like you.
Sometimes they say you talk too much.
Sometimes they say you think you are smarter than they are.
Other times they say that you dress funny or your hair is too curly and weird.
Occasionally, they decide that they do they like you. For a few days you enjoy the feeling of acceptance. Yet, it still feels awkward."

Bullying Across Gifted LifespanBully Prevention at Home ~ My Little Poppies (Caitlin Curley)

Is it possible to work on bully prevention at home? Here are some tips and resources to use at home to boost kindness and stop aggression.


Bullying in Childhood Helps You Handle Bullying in Adulthood?Bullying Across Gifted Lifespan ~ Eclectic Homeschooling (Amy Bowen)

Getting a group of kids together who share nothing in common other than age creates a pecking order. Day in and day out these kids are together. If you are a child that is too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet, too smart, too different, you are a target for bullying in a typical school environment.

Bullying Across Gifted LifespanThe Culture of Bullying ~ Gifted Unschooling (Amy Harrington)

Mainstream culture fosters bullying in the home, school and work place. It is considered a normal and acceptable part of life. A rite of passage, of sorts. Most children and adults accept control and abuse of power as something that strengthens character. What a low view of humanity to think we all need to be abused verbally, physically and/or psychologically in order to develop self-worth.

Bullying Across Gifted LifespanMy Bully, Myself ~ Laughing at Chaos (Jen Merrill)

So maybe I escaped bullying from others growing up, but I sure as hell didn't escape it entirely.


Bullying Across Gifted LifespanReview! Gifted, Bullied, Resilient: A Brief Guide for Smart Families by Pamela Price ~ Homeschooling Hatters (Care Martin)

I've made no secret of the fact that Mad Natter and I both have been targeted by bullies at various points. I've been uncomfortable, trying to find some way to cope with what I experienced, and how to help Mad Natter with whatever comes his way. There hasn't really been a resource for that - until now.

A Review of Gifted, Bullied, Resilient by Pamela Price ~ Bob Yamtich
Her empathic firmness is both protective and uplifting.

Bullying Across Gifted Lifespan Undesirable #1: Bullying ~ Madeline's Musings (Madeline Goodwin)

By permitting bullying at any age, level, or grouping within society, we are taking a step back in our development, not forward. [...] Instead of picking on those who think outside the box, let us appreciate their contributions. Rather than glorifying exclusive group identities let's recognize every individual's value to society. We must all support each other.

As an African proverb says: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

What Does Bullying Mean and How Does it Impact Gifted Children? Bullying Across Gifted Lifespan~ Raising Lifelong Learners (Colleen Kessler)

What's the difference between being mean and bullying? Does it matter? Gifted children are a vulnerable population -- they're sensitive and different, and so they're often easy targets. Recognize the signs of bullying, and know how to help your kiddo.

Bullying Across Gifted LifespanWhy We Need to Listen to Children's Perceptions of Bullying ~ Houseful of Chaos (Christy Knockleby)

As an extremely thoughtful, sensitive child recent bullying raised questions for one of my sons about what his place in the world was, how to balance his desire not to see others in pain with his need to protect himself, and whether to trust his own interpretation of events or not. It really would have been easier if he could just see the other child as a jerk, but that wasn't in the cards for him.

Bullying Across Gifted LifespanWorkplace Bullying and the Gifted Adult ~ Crushing Tall Poppies (Celi Trepanier)

But bullying doesn’t end in the schoolyard or once our gifted kids grow up. Workplace bullying is an adult version of schoolyard bullying and the victims are nearly always a highly-capable, exceptional worker who discovers that his hard work and exceptional skills may have unknowingly threatened a co-worker and many times, the victim’s boss.


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