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  • August 2017
    GHFO Fall Session Starts August 28!
    Check Out These Classes!
    What Do Our Instructors Have to Say?
    Seeking: Volunteer Outreach Manager
    Seeking: Volunteer Events Coordinator
    From Home Education to Higher Education: A Guide for Recruiting, Assessing, and Supporting Homeschooled Applicants
    Gifted Children: Transitioning Between Public School and Homeschool
    Anne Beneventi Receives SENG Lifetime Achievement Award!
    Thank you, Institutional Members!
    Now It's Your Turn
  • May 2017
    Summer and Fall Class Registration Now Open!See GHF Speakers are the SEA Homeschoolers Conference
    Gifted and Twice-Exceptional: Revisiting 2e Issues
    Thank you, Institutional Members!
    Summer Field Trip Ideas
    Gifted Wins!
    Now It's Your Turn
  • February 2017
    Fulfilling Our Mission!
    Get Ready for GHF Online's Summer and Fall 2017 Sessions!
    Navigating Family Life When Gifted Traits Collide
    Meet GHF's Regional Contacts!
    Favorite Things
    Wear Your Giftedness with Pride!
    Helping Professionals Help Our Community!
    Thank You, Institutional members!
    GHF Can Help Your Business Reach Over 1,000,000 Potential Customers!


  • November 2016
    Truly Worldwide!
    Welcome Our Newest Board Member: Amir Nathoo!
    Gifted Children: Academic and Career Planning Beyond K-12
    Spring 2017 Registration for GHF Online Now Open!
    New from Nikki: 5+ Books for the Times You Doubt Your Homeschool Choices
    Dazzle with Zazzle!
    Thank You, Institutional Members!
    GHF Can Help Your Business Reach Over 1,000,000 Potential Customers
  • August 2016
    Many Hands Make Light Work
    Now in Spanish! Ahora en español !
    Now Available: Your Rainforest Mind, by Paula Prober!
    Homeschooling: How to Get Started in 7 Steps
    Enroll Now for GHF Online Fall Semester
    Latest Gifted/2e Information
    Micro-School Discussion on Facebook
    Thank You, Institutional Members!
  • May 2016
    Summer and Fall 2016 Class Registration Now Open!
    Start Your Own Micro-School!
    Gifted Wins!
    Gifted 2e Kids: What Makes Them Twice-Exceptional?
    Eight Great (and Affordable) Resources for Kids Who Like Art
    Following the GHF Ambassadors
  • February 2016
    Look at All That's New at GHF!
    Tuesdays @ 2PM
    GHF Supports Institutional Members!
    Submit Your "Gifted Wins" Stories
    GHF Online Classes are Filling Fast
    GHF Press Releases Two New Titles!
    We'd Love to Meet You!


  • November 2015
    Spring 2016 Registration Now Open!
    Lots Happening at GHF!
    Share Your "Gifted Wins" Stories!: Baylor and Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalist
    Teaching Kids Electronics
    Membership Prices Increasing!
    History at Our House
    "the cat, the fish and the waiter"
  • August 2015
    Look at All That's New at GHF!
    Tuesdays @ 2PM
    GHF Supports Institutional Members!
    Submit Your "Gifted Wins" Stories
    GHF Online Classes are Filling Fast
    GHF Press Releases Two New Titles!
    We'd Love to Meet You!
  • May 2015
    GHFO Fall 2015 Registration is Open!
    Working Together! When Visions Entwine
    Learn More! GHF Online Partnership on #gtchat, May 8!
    Mother's Day and GHF
    Coming May 14!
  • February 2015
    Diane Flynn Keith is Back!
    Heartschooling, by Diane Flynn Keith
    Geography Resources
    GHF Guest Bloggers


  • November 2014
    From the Board President, Corin Goodwin: Ten Years Ago, Today!
    Guest Post: Teaching Your Kid How to Connect with Others through RDI, by Sarah C. Wayland, Ph.D.
  • August 2014
    Welcome Creative Catapult Coaching and Tutoring!
    A Letter from GHF Online Director, Susanne Thomas
    GHF Meet & Greet Wrap-up
    Updated and Free: GHF's popular Who is GHF? brochure
    GHF Bloggers, Blogs, and Blog Hops
    From the GHF Board: From small beginnings, by Eleen Kamas
    Interview with J. Marlow Schmauder, author of Twice Exceptional: Smart Kids with Learning Differences
    Asynchrony, a poem by Nicole Lin
  • May 2014
    Special Discount to SENG 2014 Conference for GHF Supporting Members!
    From the GHF Board: Bullying and the gifted child, by Pamela Price
    Guest Blogger: Gywn Ridenhour, of the STEAM-Powered Classroom
  • February 2014
    From the GHF Board: From small beginnings, by Eleen Kamas
    Interview with J. Marlow Schmauder, author of Twice Exceptional: Smart Kids with Learning Differences
    Asynchrony, a poem by Nicole Lin


  • November 2013
    From the GHF Board: The evolution of gifted parents, by Anne Beneventi
    Dear GHF: A child is acting out in school, but nowhere else. Does he need fixing?
    GHF Blogs: Read the latest blogs from GHF, GHF bloggers, and more!
    GHF is looking for writers passionate about gifted/2e issues and alternative education
    GHF Regional Contacts: Connect with gifted families near you
    GHF Professionals: Providing support and education for professionals in every field
  • August 2013
    (Not) Back to School
    Our first public newsletter! Read what people are saying about GHF Online courses
    Guest post: Barry Gelston, M.Ed., "It's all in the cards!"
    Dear GHF: What to do when a child wants to go back to traditional school, because he misses his friends.
  • July 2013
    Dear GHF: Wrung Out asks what to consider when thinking about homeschooling
    GHF Press' Latest Book: How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents
    Guest Columnist: The Debator of the Year Award has been Announced: Learn who from iGifted School won this coveted prize
  • April 2013
    Dear GHF: Does my child need an Occupational Therapist?
    GHF Press' Latest Book: Learning in the 21st Century: How to Connect, Collaborate, and Create
    Homeschooling Success Story: A camp even refuseniks can love
  • January 2013
    Dear GHF: Balancing your 2e child's activities and their atypical needs
    Dan Peters, Ph.D., of the Summit Center: Twice-Exceptional (2e) Youth: An Endangered Species
    Homeschooling Success Story: Dave Mayer:
    Dave Mayer of interviews his nine-year-old daughters


  • October 2012
    Dear GHF: It's always the parent's fault
    Lisa Conrad, #gtchat Moderator: Global #gtchat on Twitter Powered by TAGT: What is it and how can you join the discussion?
    Homeschooling Success Story: Ariana Skripek: Real lessons learned from homeschooling
  • July 2012
    Dear GHF: Coping with mistakes
    Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D.: The Gifted Development Center's commitment to homeschoolers
    Homeschooling Success Story: Marie Watkins: An atypical early college experience, from a mom's point of view
  • April 2012
    Dear GHF: Obedience vs. cooperation?
    David Albert: Read an excerpt from David Albert's forthcoming book, Dismantling the Inner School: Homeschooling and the Curriculum of Abundance.
    Homeschooling Success Story: Diane Fenner: The Homeschooling and Travels of Me
  • January 2012
    Dear GHF: What to do when your child's interest quickly changes from love to boredom.
    Guest Columnist: "Finding Mentors" Audrey Borden of discusses why we all need mentors and how to find them.
    Homeschooling Success Story: Laura Deming follows her passion from unschooling to UCSF to MIT.


  • October 2011
    Dear GHF: Yes, it's still being asked: But what about "socialization"?
    Guest Columnist: "If You're Smart, Why Don't You Get It?" Kathy Kuhl of answers the unfair question.
    Homeschooling Success Story: Sirius Just
  • July 2011
    Dear GHF: What to do when your child's learning disabilities interfere with his learning experiences.
    Guest Columnist: "Black Parents Exercising their Options: Educating their Gifted Children." Joy Lawon Davis, author of Bright, Talented & Black: A guide for families of African American gifted learners, discusses Black families empowered to homeschool their children.
    Homeschooling Success Story: Josh Ingram
  • April 2011
    Dear GHF: "Which curricula are good for gifted kids?"
    Guest columnist: "Finding Resources to Support Your Gifted Child," by Carol Fertig, author of Raising a Gifted Child: A Parenting Success Handbook
    Homeschooling Success Story: Jerimi Ann Walker
    "If You Give a Gifted Kid a Pencil," by LJ Conrad
  • January 2011
    Dear GHF: "The Many Ways to Create Friendships for Gifted Homeschoolers"
    Guest Columnist: "Can I Homeschool My Gifted Child?" by Diane Flynn Keith, author of Carschooling and Homefires Editor
    Homeschooling Success Story: Alex Flury


  • October 2010
    Dear GHF: "Can My Child Have Learning Difficulties and Still be Gifted?"
    Guest Columnist: "The World of Publishing Meets the World of Gifted Homeschooling," by James Webb, from Great Potential Press
    Homeschooling Success Story: Madeline Goodwin
  • July 2010
    Dear GHF: "The 'S' Word: Homeschooling and Socialization"
    Guest Columnist: "Asynchronies and the Middle and High School Years," by Susan Baum, Ph.D., Marcy Dann, M.A., BCET, Cynthia Novak, Ph.D., and Lesli Preuss, Ph.D., Bridges Academy
    Homeschooling Success Story: Kelsey Ganes
  • April 2010
    Dear GHF: "What is the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, Anyway?"
    Guest columnist: "To Mensa or Not to Mensa," by Lessa Scherrer, Chair of the Gifted Youth Committee at American Mensa
    Homeschooling Success Story: Kimberly Taylor

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