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scholarshipAs a G&T Advocate, I am able to earn scholarships from to donate to non-profit organizations, schools, or anyone that could benefit from them. I wanted to donate two scholarships to Gifted Homeschoolers Forum because they make such an amazing difference by providing valuable information and resources to the gifted community. Each scholarship will allow a student who is not currently enrolled in to simultaneously enroll in the Independent Study Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition and EPGY Language Arts & Writing courses for three months ($90 value).

The Independent Study Redbird Advanced Mathematics course continually adapts and accelerates learning to ensure that students receive material at just the right level of challenge and enrichment. Students are highly engaged with interactive manipulatives, rich gameplay, and digital project based learning activities themed around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. Over 500 instructional lessons and 15,000 problems ensure students develop deep conceptual understanding, build computation skills, and apply their learning in real-world contexts.

The EPGY Language Arts & Writing course, developed by Stanford’s Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), utilizes innovative language analysis technology and provides students with rigorous instruction and practice in the grammar, usage, and conventions of standard English. Its five interwoven components–Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Sentence Composition, Paragraphs, and Reading–correspond to the latest English Language Arts standards. A cumulative progression of multimedia lectures and associated exercises fosters student literacy and critical thinking. Throughout the course, students are asked to compose responses to a wide variety of writing prompts. The reading component of this course balances a broad range of high-quality informational and literary texts, including familiar classics and diverse modern works.

The EPGY Language Arts course is delivered entirely online and begins immediately upon completion of your enrollment.

giftedandtalented-logo-400x225Developed by Stanford University, is the premier online community dedicated to advanced learning for K-12 students offering online courses, expert tutors, information and advice to help students achieve their greatest potential. provides advanced learning for K-12 students in mathematics, language arts, science, and computer science featuring a combination of multimedia instruction and automated assessment. On average, students in our Tutor Supported Mathematics program advance two grade levels beyond their chronological grade.

For more detailed information on what these courses include and to watch video demos, please visit our site.

On a personal note, my daughter loves The Independent Study Redbird Advanced Mathematics and EPGY Language Arts & Writing Courses through and I am happy to share scholarships that will allow others to enjoy them as well.

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Teresa Milligan is the author of incrediblejourneyofgiftedness~Advocating for Gifted Children.

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