Regional Contact and Ambassador Programs Side by Side Comparision


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Role GHF Regional Contact GHF Ambassador
Volunteer Yes Yes
Chosen by GHF Board No Yes
Current and Active Leaders in Gifted/2E issues, by way of:

  • talks
  • interviews
  • seminars
  • authoring (blogs, articles, books, etc.)
  • social media presence
Not necessary Yes
Promote GHF and Gifted/2E Issues in Gifted/2E communities Local National/International
Legislative support No Encouraged
Homeschool Convention Attendance No Encouraged
Philanthropy No Encouraged
Fundraising No Encouraged; GHF Staff support available
Public Relations No Encouraged; GHF staff support available
Complimentary GHF Membership No Yes
Promote their own personal work with the mention of their GHF title No Yes
Point of contact for those new to gifted/2E issues Yes Situational
GHF Staff support Requests on a case-by-case basis; GHF literature usually provided upon request Proactive support for outreach including:

  • reaching out to them regularly to ask about their GHF Ambassador-related activities
  • providing GHF literature for outreach
  • promoting Ambassador activities on social media, etc.
  • requesting their participation in events of importance to GHF’s mission, such as conferences, blog hops, etc.
Private communications channel Facebook group and GHF website group Direct to GHF Staff
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