Purpose and Goals – Ambassador Program

Purpose and Goals

Many of those associated with GHF either were from the outset or have become active leaders in gifted and/or 2e issues. To the extent that these individuals would like to support GHF and its mission in a way that is compatible with their other professional obligations, GHF has created a new volunteer category: GHF Ambassadors.

GHF Ambassadors would be an exclusive group, chosen by the GHF Board of Directors for their relationship with GHF and professional reputation and authority on issues central to GHF. Through their inspiration and work, Ambassadors would become the public faces of GHF, propelling GHF and the Ambassadors to an even more influential level where homeschool and educational choices for gifted and 2E children are concerned. This proactive team is vital to GHF as the organization continues to grow in global visibility.

The GHF Ambassador Program would allow GHF to call on these leaders in advocacy for gifted, 2E, homeschool, and educational choices. Ambassadors would represent GHF at the national and/or international level. Their support would be based on their expertise and availability, and could include legislative support, presentations and attendance at conferences, philanthropy, fundraising, public relations and/or presence in various media, such as talks, interviews, seminars, blogs, articles, books, and social media, as appropriate.

GHF would in turn recognize GHF Ambassadors formally, promoting their related work to our growing audience of over 300,000 people around the world

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