Staff GHF



Staff GHF


Executive Committee:

Some of the Gang:

Wes Beach - Teen Advisor

Carissa Leventis-Cox- Outreach Manager

Madeline Goodwin- General Assistant, Legislative Chair

Mika GustavsonAdvisor, GHF ProfessionalsJade at Davidson GHF

Crystal Jones - Intern

David Proctor Kidd - Webmaster

Martha Apaza-Letessier - Translator

Nicole Linn - Affiliate Manager

Jade Rivera - Ambassador

Celi Trepanier - Manager, GHF Bloggers

Kathy Turner - Social Media Team

Gabriela ZunigaProgram Manager, Cultural Diversity and Minority Outreach

Tabitha Ferreira - Materials Coordinator

Anastasia RisleyAssistant Membership Director

Stacia Taylor - Events Coordinator

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