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GHF Board of DirectorsCorin Barsily Goodwin, Board Chair & CEO

Corin Barsily Goodwin earned her undergraduate degree in Urban Studies (public policy) from San Francisco State University and did her graduate work at Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy.  Her early career included stints in policy analysis and in communications/social media at KPMG Peat Marwick, 3Com, Steelwedge, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and as a consultant.  After becoming a parent to two twice exceptional children, she served as the Gifted/Special Needs Advisor  for the HomeSchool Association of California and co-chaired their Legislative Committee.

Corin founded GHF in 2004 to address a growing need for support and advocacy. She has been presenting workshops on giftedness, learning differences and homeschool related issues for many years. Her articles and papers have been seen in NAGC (US) Parenting for High Potential, 2e Newsletter, California Association for the Gifted’s Gifted Ed Communicator, the NAGC (UK) magazine, California HomeSchoolerSENG UpdateThinking Person’s Guide to Autism, and many other publications. Corin also serves on the SENG Editorial Board and the Advisory Boards of the Asynchronous Scholars’ Fund, GRO - Gifted Research & Outreach, and The "G" Word, and is co-author with Mika Gustavson of  Making the Choice: When Typical School Doesn't Fit Your Atypical Child, Writing Your Own Script: A Parents' Role in the Gifted Child's Social Development, and a chapter in a textbook, Interplay of Creativity and Giftedness in Science. She co-authored US Public Education Policy: Missing Voices with Madeline Goodwin and Martha Shaindlin. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, her almost-grown children, an indeterminate number of cats, and her sword.

GHF Board of Directors

Anne Beneventi

Anne Beneventi has been passionate about working with gifted children throughout her career. She taught for over 20 years, during which time she co-founded Kaumeya International School in Alexandria, Egypt, and Roeper West School for the Gifted in Berkeley, California. In 1989, she began working with Annemarie Roeper, evaluating children for giftedness using the Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment (QA). In 2010, she was officially named Annemarie Roeper’s successor and the Director of the Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment and QA training program. Anne also co-founded Helios School for the Gifted and evaluates candidates for admissions using QA. She is past Chair for the Global Awareness Network of the National Association for Gifted Children, an Associate of the Gifted Development Center, and a member of the Columbus Group. Anne is certified as a Parent Group Facilitator for SENG and was awarded SENG's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. In 2002, Anne founded Children Evolving, a private consultation service where she continues to support families, teachers, and professionals of gifted children.

GHF Board of Directors

Dr. Eleen Kamas, Recording Secretary

Eleen Kamas  earned a doctorate in Cognitive Psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University, where she studied learning and memory. She has been applying this knowledge and approach to learning ever since, including co-authoring a book chapter on the role of familiarity in cognitive processing and a paper on response bias.  After teaching at the college level, her focus shifted to the education of her own children. Her interest in lifelong learning continues as she learns (or re-learns) along with her six children, who range in age from toddler to teen. She has been a part of GHF since its beginning, as a supporter, as staff, and, most recently, as a Board Member.  She is also a member of a local Catholic homeschooling group, Regina Pacis, for which she serves as "Keeper of the List" (phone and email) and occasional Choir Director.  In her copious spare time between shuttling children to their various classes and activities, she is an amateur radio operator (KF6SPE), she reads voraciously, crafts and scrapbooks, and has started taking dance classes.  She sees herself as a catalyst, bringing together people and working behind the scenes to make things happen.

GHF Board of DirectorsDr. Melanie Hayes

Dr. Melanie Hayes has made it her life’s work to help gifted and twice exceptional persons find their niche and work to their strengths. She is a nationally recognized expert in the needs of gifted/2e persons and coaches a wide range of clients to help them thrive. Dr. Hayes holds a doctorate in educational leadership with a focus on giftedness and twice exceptionality. She is a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Ambassador and Board Member and a SENG Parent Facilitator. Dr. Hayes also created Big Minds Unschool, a school for 2e children that lets them learn without limits through mentoring and supporting their intellectual, social, and emotional well-being. She recently received the Jefferson Award for Public Service for her work with 2e persons and is a past winner of Comcast’s Innovations for Entrepreneurs contest for using technology to overcome educational roadblocks with 2e students. Big Minds will also be featured in the upcoming documentary, The G-Word. 

Dr. Hayes is passionate about creating a world where gifted/2e people are understood, supported, and honored for their unique gifts. She also has 2e twins, so is intimately familiar with the joys and hardships of raising and educating exceptional children. You can learn more about her from her book We Tried Normal: 2e Family Stories,

GHF Board of Directors

Dr. Dan Peters 

Dr. Dan Peters is a licensed psychologist who has devoted his career to the assessment, consultation and treatment of children, adolescents, and families, specializing in learning differences, anxiety, and issues related to giftedness and twice-exceptionality. He is passionate about helping parents and teachers engage children in the classroom, at home, and in life so that they can realize their full potential. Dr. Peters is co-founder and Executive Director of the Summit Center with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, and co-founder of Parent Footprint. He hosts Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan. He is the author of Make Your Worrier a Warrior: A Guide to Conquering Your Child’s FearsFrom Worrier to Warrior: A Guide to Conquering Your Fears,  and Raising Creative Kids (co-authored with Dr. Susan Daniels). Dr. Peters blogs regularly for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today and is a frequent media guest. He speaks regularly at state and national conferences and writes on topics related to parenting, learning differences, and education.

Dr. Peters also serves on the Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG) Editorial Board, the Editorial Board for the 2e Newsletter, the Executive Board for the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development at Bridges Academy, and as Co-Chair of the Assessments of Giftedness Special Interest Group of the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC). He speaks regularly at state and national conferences and writes articles on topics related to parenting, learning differences, and education.  He is also co-founder of Camp Summit, a sleep-over summer camp for gifted youth.

GHF Board of DirectorsSharon Duncan

Sharon Duncan is an independent consultant for Gifted Identity. She works with parents, educators, schools, districts, psychologists and pediatricians from all over the world, to help them understand and meet the social, emotional and educational needs of gifted children. Sharon consults with parents about behavioral concerns, educational decisions and options (including homeschooling), provides training on the innate characteristics and behaviors of giftedness to educators so that they can practice their craft more effectively, and teams with parents and educators to find solutions to the wide variety of classroom challenges that often accompany these complex children. Sharon is a SENG Model Parent Group facilitator. Prior to her work with Gifted Identity, she spent 26 years working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Sharon has served on the governing boards of both public and private schools. She is a regular presenter at State and National conferences on a wide variety of topics including but not limited to academic acceleration, effective advocacy, educational options and decisions, gifted traits, and how to talk about giftedness. Sharon and a partner have completed a survey study of identify formation in the parents of gifted children (Gifted Identity Project). She is co-founder of Gifted Research and Outreach (GRO), a non-profit entity with the mission to promote a comprehensive and accurate understanding of giftedness through research and outreach. Sharon has also recently wrote her first book, The Glass Cage, a fictional story about the experience of gifted loneliness and finding connection in unlikely places.


Emeritus Board Members

Debbie Schwarzer, General Counsel

Debbie Schwarzer lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two gifted boys, who were educated outside of the traditional K-12 system their whole lives. Her oldest is starting at Pomona College in the Fall of 2014, and her youngest is combining work with tutors and community college classes for his last years before applying to college. Debbie helped co-found Gifted Homeschoolers Forum and has served on the Board and as General Counsel since its inception. She has been very active with the HomeSchool Association of California (HSC), previously serving on its Board and as its Legal Chair and head of the Legislative Committee. Debbie worked extensively on the In Re Rachel L case, a 2008 California appellate case which led to a finding that parents without credentials can legally teach their own. She played a major role in coordinating the efforts of state-wide and national homeschool groups and the law firms that were donating their time pro bono, including Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, where she had previously been a partner. She's especially pleased that an amicus curiae brief that she co-wrote with two other homeschooling attorney parents for that case has been published as a law review article. The article argues that evidence shows that homeschooling produces educational and social outcomes as good as or superior to conventional schooling, with particular benefits for certain populations of children, including the gifted, and that legislative burdens on the right of parents to teach their own, such as regulation of curriculum, parent qualifications, or requiring oversight by credentialed teachers, are not supported by actual need and thus not likely to survive constitutional challenge. With the increasing independence of her teenage boys, she has returned to the working world as the general counsel of a Silicon Valley technology company working in machine-to-machine communications.

Stephanie Hood

Stephanie Hood homeschooled her two children through middle school and high school. She now teaches math classes to homeschoolers through Live Oak Academy and is the Director of Peach Blossom School, a support program for homeschoolers in California. Stephanie has worked as a district GATE administrator and a classroom teacher in both public and Christian schools. She has also served as a county contact for the HomeSchool Association of California, and sat on the Board of Directors for California Association for the Gifted (CAG) and Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF).

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