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The Invisible Gifted Child: Mislabeled, Misdiagnosed, Unidentified and Misunderstood

Gifted kids do not all fit the common perception of gifted. Many go unidentified or misdiagnosed, so while these kids may know that they’re different, they have no idea what it is they’re doing wrong (spoiler alert: it’s nothing). Move from misunderstanding to recognizing giftedness in children who are not typical. Learn how to help these kids and those around them understand why they’re different from others, and create a supportive environment for them to thrive.

Recent Releases from GHF Press!

Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults
- by Paula Prober
Paula understands the diversity and complexity of minds like yours, explores the challenges faced by gifted adults of all ages, and will help you tap into your inner creativity, find peace, and discover the limitless potential that comes with your Rainforest Mind. Read more.

Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget
- by Jade Rivera
A successful micro-school doesn’t require a huge budget or the latest everything. Instead, it requires a passionate individual at the helm. Read more.

Now available in English and Spanish!



Excerpt: Finding Mentors

from Writing Your Own Script: A Parent's Role in the Gifted Child's Social Development



Adults, young adults, and older youths can be great resources for gifted and 2e children. Many older people are thrilled to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation. Moreover, if their interests are unusual as well, they may be happy to have someone to share them with. Children may prefer practicing relationship skills with an adult who has more maturity, wider experience leading to more social flexibility, and less stringent behavioral expectations. Many adults will have skills or talents that have been long buried under the responsibilities of adulthood; mentoring a young person gives them an opportunity to revisit their lapsed passions.

So, how do you find a mentor?


GHFO  Online

Spring classes are filling up fast.

GHFOGHF Online: Providing engaging online courses tailored to the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students of all ages. Learn more about GHF Online - our philosophy, how our classes work, what others have said about us, and see some of the results of our kids' work. We even have a YouTube channel.


Eight Books to help Calm Down during Anxious, Stressful Moments

We’ve all been there. Another uncontrollable meltdown. What could have possibly triggered this one?

Is it really because of something so minor, so trivial? From an itchy shirt to a stressful playdate, our gifted kids often worry, plan, have anxiety, or just plain freak out. But they—and you—are not alone!
Our book recommendations range from serious advice for parents on how to help children feel less alone with their emotions to just plain laugh-out-loud silly.



Dear GHF: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

Corin Goodwin and Mika Gustavson address common gifted parenting questions in the Dear GHF column, running periodically in our A Word from GHF newsletter.


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