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When Did You First Realize Your Child Was Gifted/2E/Different?

Many parents realize early on that something is different about their child. The child races through typical milestones, reading early, talking early, asking complex questions, and generally outpacing her agemates. Other parents learn much later that their child is gifted, as learning disabilities and other challenges hid the giftedness. Just as giftedness doesn’t look the same in every child, every family’s journey toward learning and accepting that their child is gifted or twice-exceptional differs. Our GHF Bloggers share their stories of realizing their child was gifted/2e/different. While similarities exist, the differences are fascinating.  Read more

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Announces a NEW BOOK


Boost: 12 Effective Ways to Lift Up Our Twice-Exceptional Children
by Kelly Hirt
Kelly, a public school teacher with 25 years experience, outlines 12 strategies to design a supportive, safe, and encouraging learning environment for twice-exceptional students. Read more.

From Home Education to Higher Education: A Guide for Recruiting, Assessing, and Supporting Homeschooled Applicant
by Lori Dunlap
As the number of homeschoolers continues to increase, professionals who work with homeschoolers seeking higher education need to develop a plan to recruit, assess, and assimilate these particularly motivated, thoughtful, creative students. Read more.

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Eight Books to help Calm Down during Anxious, Stressful Moments

We’ve all been there. Another uncontrollable meltdown. What could have possibly triggered this one?

Is it really because of something so minor, so trivial? From an itchy shirt to a stressful playdate, our gifted kids often worry, plan, have anxiety, or just plain freak out. But they—and you—are not alone!
Our book recommendations range from serious advice for parents on how to help children feel less alone with their emotions to just plain laugh-out-loud silly.


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Gifted Cubed

gifted twice exceptional minorities homeschoolGifted minorities often struggle to gain the recognition and support they deserve. In an attempt to increase awareness that giftedness and twice-exceptionalities exist and thrive in all communities, GHF has created a free, downloadable brochure called Gifted Cubed - The Expanded Complexity of Race & Culture in Gifted and 2e Kids. We have also put together articles from well-respected authors, bloggers, and academics addressing the unique and universal needs of gifted minorities. We hope to encourage a respectful dialogue and an opportunity for learning, support, and advocacy. Read mor

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